Integrity is a word we have over-familiarized ourselves with. It is a virtue claimed by everybody but very few exhibit its real attributes. In the words of Earl Nightingale, “Integrity is the seed for achievement. It is the principle that never fails.” In other words, staying true to your words and principle, and staying morally upright is all you need to plant a seed of achievement.

Before, I list out the 5 attributes of integrity; there is a need to explain the term extensively. Integrity is the quality of being honest, showing strong moral principles and values, and holding on to them without shame or compromise. It is being absolutely sure that the right thing is being done and holding on to it with strong moral accuracy.

Why is integrity important? Why is it required for peace, progress, and achievement? Some of these reasons are;

  • RELIABILITY: Integrity is important because of its reliability. You can be trusted with responsibilities. You can be told to do anything and it will be done even without full supervision.


  • GOOD REPUTATION: A person with integrity is one with a fully protected reputation. It is easy to refer these types of people for businesses, contracts, etc.


  • PEACE: Integrity keeps you at peace with everyone. It also keeps your mind at peace and your conscience clear.


  • CONFIDENCE: Confidence will constantly be a part of you when you have integrity. No one will be able to hold anything against you. It boosts your morale, keeping your head high no matter the room you walk into.


  • BUILDS GOOD RELATIONSHIPS A man of integrity is loved by everyone. They are easily trusted because they are well disciplined, with good values and morals. They say the truth always and that makes them trustworthy in a relationship.



The attributes of integrity are the behaviors that depict one as a person of integrity. They are the features of integrity. Five attributes of integrity include;



Honesty is being truthful and sincere. It is a moral feature that describes integrity, straightforwardness, and truthfulness, among others. It is an attribute of Integrity because a man of integrity should be honest, staying truthful, and straightforward at all times.



Truthfulness is saying the fact or reality, no matter the circumstance or backlash that comes with it. Being truthful means you’re honest, and that is a very important attribute of truthfulness.



Respect is giving proper, positive, and absolute recognition to a person. Fair play is also giving respect to laws and rules. Fair play is the respect of everyone, and showing concern for equal treatment. Regardless of age, race, religious background, color, and culture, integrity will make you respect everyone and treat them fairly.


Being straightforward is honest and frank. A straightforward person is not cunning; they don’t lie and do not look for ways to cover up mistakes. They do not compromise their values to be on good terms with everyone else. They do not bend the rule no matter what but they discipline themselves to stay faithful to them.


Trustworthiness and transparency mean that those with whom you deal know what you can talk about, know what you can’t talk about, know that you will respect the boundaries, and therefore know you will respect their boundaries.



In conclusion…

Integrity is not being selfish, it is not thinking of yourself at the expense of others. Integrity is also not pretense. It is not lying to keep your nose clean or blackmailing others for your mistakes. Integrity does not mean you enforce your beliefs on others or look down on others because they come from a different ethical, moral, cultural, or racial background. The five attributes outlined above, are the only characteristics that describe integrity. In conclusion, Integrity according to M.K Soni “lies in doing what one speaks; speaking what one does.”

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