GPA and CGPA Calculator for Nigerian Universities

GPA and CGPA Calculator for Nigerian Universities
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This calculator is very easy to use… there are 12 slots available for each semester. It is not compulsory you fill all 12 slots. If you only wrote 7 courses in a semester, you should fill only 7 slots and leave the rest. Calculations are done automatically that is, as soon as you start filling the slot, the calculator will start processing your GGA  and CGPA.

Nigeria grading system is used for this calculator:
A = 5.00
B = 4.00
C = 3.00
D = 2.00
E = 1.00
F = 0

If your school make use of a different grade unit, please make use the comment to make a request. I will gladly create a new calculator for your school
For better user experience with this calculator, use a PC, or download Puffin Wicked Browser on your phone and enable desktop mode.



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