A personality is a behavioral pattern that is unique to a person. A person is known and better identified by their personality; this means a personality is a characteristic unique to an individual. The word “personality” comes from the root word “persona”, which describes a theatrical mask won by performers as a disguise. A person is as good as their personality with traits that decipher or decode it from another. In some cases, people are defined by their character which tells of how they interact with others.

Personality traits are characteristics of a personality, in other words, these traits are cells that form a collective that designs a person’s personality. There are good personality traits and bad ones. These traits define an individual’s characteristics, which go on to create identities. The feelings, emotions, thoughts, and expressions form these traits, which play an important role in what our personalities are.

There are so many theories on personality, many of which are influenced by psychology. These theories, however, describe how personality is expressed and developed. According to Greek philosopher Hippocrates, he suggested that human temperament can be grouped into four. The base of this theory was the ancient medical concept of humourism.

According to Hippocrates, the fundamentals of human personality are the following; Choleric (ambitious, logical, analytical, savvy), Sanguine (lively, optimistic, buoyant, carefree), Phlegmatic (loving, peaceful, loyal), Melancholic (social, thorough and accurate, tradition lovers). He suggested that humans may have one of these temperaments or it could be mixed, his theory became the base of which other personality types were formed.

Myers Briggs’s sixteen types of personality were based on the work of Hippocrates, and it can be argued that Dr Helen Fisher’s personality types were inspired by Hippocrates’ suggestions. In modern medicine, however, this personality typology has been rejected, and the ground opens to more discoveries of human personalities.

The personality traits of a person make up their identity. When we become familiar with a person’s personality trait, we understand them better, and it aids interactions. A good or bad person is identified by their personality trait, hence the reiteration of having good personality traits. Below are 20 good personality traits that everyone should have;

  • Courage: Courage is the willingness to do something, irrespective of fear or failure. Courage is a good personality trait because it helps you take challenges that can build, regardless of the negative thoughts that go through the mind. Courage is bravery, a must-have for everyone.
  • Trustworthiness: Being trustworthy is a trait everyone looks out for in the next person. Trustworthiness includes honesty, loyalty, and reliability. To be a good person, you must be sincere, truthful, and consistently good in quality, and you must show constant support for friends and family. All these make one trustworthy, a good personality trait.
  • Integrity: Integrity is being truthful and having strong moral principles. A person who has integrity is incorruptible and cannot be held to a fault. He is morally upright and loved by everyone. Integrity is a good personality trait.
  • Respect and Courtesy: Respect is a show of admiration towards a person because of their ability, quality, or experience. It is showing regard toward one’s feelings and wishes. Courtesy on the other hand is being polite in one’s behavior towards others. Respect and courtesy work side by side. Being polite, and respectful of human feelings are good traits everyone should have. It is a good personality trait.
  • Fairness: Being fair to all irrespective of background, race, and tribe is strongly encouraged. Every human is equal and should be treated fairly. There should be no room for prejudice, tribalism, and racism. Fairness to all is a good personality trait.
  • Kindness: Kindness is the act of being friendly and generous. It is not just being nice; it is showing deliberate actions of generosity, even in times when you do not see the need to be.
  • Empathy: Empathy is the ability to understand people. It is being considerate and sharing the feelings of others. Empathy means putting yourself in the shoes of another, to understand how they feel from their point of view. It is a good personality trait everyone should have.
  • Innovative: A person should be able to birth new ideas and have a willingness to advance their knowledge in any expertise. Being innovative is a good personality trait because it shows originality and improves the quality of a person.
  • Optimistic: Optimism is being positive in every situation. Optimism builds courage, and it helps people to try new things. It creates opportunities in the long run, that improves a person.
  • Resilient: Being resilient is being able to withstand or bounce back quickly from tough situations. It is being able to stay happy and have good relationships with others after something bad or difficult has happened. It is a good personality trait because difficulties do not affect healthy interactions with people.
  • Ambitious: This is showing a great desire to always be better. Being ambitious is having the great determination to succeed. It is the constant desire to grow and attain higher levels.
  • Adaptability: Adaptability is being able to adjust to new conditions, whether favorable or not. Life is not always rosy, and in times of challenges, adaptability helps to keep you moving. Also, getting accustomed to new people, places, and cultures, and changing challenges is a good trait, one that is directly useful in life, especially in your career.
  • Contentment: This is a feeling of satisfaction and a state of happiness with whatever one acquires. Contentment brings peace of mind and a feeling of being grateful regardless of the circumstance. It also prevents envy and jealousy, which encourages healthy competition among peers.
  • Decision-making: Knowing the right thing to do or say is an essential personality trait. Good decision-making has an effect on every aspect of human life, be it personal or professional. It can make or mar you.
  • Humorous: Being humorous is having or showing a good sense of humor. A person who smiles, or one who has the trait of humor is easily approachable. This means you are sociable and lovable. People can count on you to brighten the atmosphere with your jokes or smile, and that can put people at ease. It is a good personality trait.
  • Discipline: Discipline is strict adherence to a code of behavior, usually morally acceptable. Discipline helps to keep you in line, reminding you of when you are about to step on the line, or when you are about to cross it. Discipline is a good personality trait because it is a key element to good living and success. It is orderly conduct that defines a person’s personality.
  • Conscientious: Being conscientious is the ability to do one’s work well and thoroughly. Being conscientious means excellence and good quality. It is a good personality trait.
  • Punctuality: Punctuality is doing something at the appropriate or agreed time. Being punctual is a good personality trait, as promptness is appreciated and loved by all.
  • Extroversion: Extroversion is a personality trait that involves being social with others. It is engaging in social activities and interactions. Extroversion is the act of seeking excitement in social relations with others.
  • Teachability and Humility: Teachability is the state of being able to learn. Learning is a continuous process, and humbling yourself to acquire knowledge is considered wisdom. To get better, one must be teachable and `humble. Humility is also a state of being modest. It is a good personality trait.

These 20 good personality traits help to make you a good person. When these traits become visible, it eases your interactions with others, making you a lovable person.

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