Would you like to write such an essay that even your mother would be proud of? Then there you have the secret ingredient. This is the structure. The following tips will tell you how to write a good essay.

Tip # 1: Start with an Essay Plan
If before you write an essay, you outline the essay, it will help to adhere to a given topic. To get started, write a few subheadings, including ideas and studies that you think are appropriate. So the plan for a good essay consists of five points:

  1. Introduction;
  2. The first paragraph (the main body, your arguments);
  3. The second paragraph (the main body, your arguments);
  4. The third paragraph (the main body, your arguments);
  5. Conclusion;

Tip # 2: So get down to business!
The main thing about a good essay is to “hook” the reader from the first sentences. Let him know what awaits him in the article, and what he can find out, which means explain to him the essence of your essay in the introductory paragraph.

Tip # 3: Provide your arguments in the introductory part of the essay
To write a good essay, you should complete the introductory part of your essay with abstracts that will link the three upcoming points together. Note that the second example is too vague. Bright abstract and a detailed list of facts and ideas will allow the reader to absorb all the necessary information by the end of the essay.

Tip # 4: Present Your Best Argument First
Present your best argument first. If it is about cakes, write an argument about why the reader should consider decorating cupcakes as a career.

Tip # 5: Continue to pour in your arguments in the second and third paragraphs
An essay cannot rely on one point of view only. To write a good essay, the third and fourth points should continue your decorating mood. Recall that we have already mentioned the three advantages of cake decorating – aesthetic pleasure, stable employment, and personal freedom.

In the third and fourth paragraphs, write your arguments for permanent jobs and personal freedom. Think about how running your business creates the opportunity to work and be in demand in your field. What are the benefits of self-employment? If you are unsure of what to write about here, look for additional ideas online. Play around with search queries, such as: “cake decorator,” “own business,” “personal freedom of the entrepreneur.”

Tip # 6: Complete the argument
Complete the argument by listing all the arguments in the final part of the essay. Here you can repeat some of the arguments that you used earlier. Know that the final piece is your last opportunity to convince the reader of your reasoning, but do not bring any new ideas to an end.

Tip # 7: Take a break and then re-read the essay again
After you finish writing an essay, set it aside for a while. Later, looking at it again, you will undoubtedly notice what can be proofread or edited. Moreover, it’s perfectly normal to write three, five, or even ten drafts before you enjoy the essay entirely.

If you don’t have time to put your creation aside, ask a friend to edit it. You may not agree with the criticism of a comrade, but his fresh look will allow you to look at the text from the point of view of the reader.

An essay as an educational work enables a student to express one`s thoughts to the fullest extent, to reflect personal opinions and ideas about the world – even if their source is only other people’s works, and not personal experience.

It is useful when the topic set by the teacher resonates in the soul (or an essay on a free topic is asked), but this is not always the case – and then there are problems when writing an essay.

Unlike other student works, essays do not have precise requirements for content. Usually, it all depends on the topic and subject. Of course, it cannot be said that there are no specific assessment criteria, so some requirements must be observed. The content of the text is reflected in its structure. The structure of the works of this type is classical: an introduction, the main body, a conclusion.

Such an arrangement is consistent with logic. Therefore, in the introduction, introduce the reader to the problem that you are going to reflect on, put him in the know. In the main body, you should outline your thought and back it up with two or three arguments. You can stop here and go to the conclusion. But for the essay to appear professionally done, you need to add one more part: the counter-opinion.

It shows your awareness, how easily you navigate the problem. The counter-opinion also needs to be supported by arguments. After that, you should explain why this opinion is erroneous. And only after that, it is logical to complete the argument.

With knowledge of how to write an essay, you can avoid common mistakes and create exciting and compelling work. It is easy enough to find a sample of writing an essay on the Internet, but you need to remember that not all freely available tasks are performed at a high level. Remain critical of the writings of anonymous authors.

So to summarize. Any good work adheres to structure. When you write an essay of five points, its structure should be fixed and specific. But the product that you create within this structure is yours. What will be your next essay about?

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