I am recommending these Android apps to students because I make use of them every day. They are part of what makes my Android device functional. There are thousands of apps out there and I have a few more installed apps but I prefer these ones because they stand out.

Are you a secondary school student, undergraduate, graduate or working class You need these apps on your Android device. Before you install any app on your Android device, you should try to find out if the app will be useful or wasteful; Yes! some android apps are wasteful; consuming device space and engaging students in time wasting and irrelevant activities.

..So what are the best android apps for a student

  • TypeApp: I have never missed an email ever since I got this beautiful app. With instant smart push notifications, packaged in an intuitive & easy to use design, TypeApp is the perfect replacement for your stock email client. Install this app, and you will thank me later


  • SimpleNote
    90% of my blog contents are typed on my Android device using Simplenote. You can have access to your note online when you log into Simplenote website. You don’t need to be online to make a note, but when you make one, it will synchronise automatically, and it is free of charges. You can tag post for easy identification and when compared with similar apps, Simplenote is light.

  • MyScript Calculator: The native calculator is very limited compared to MyScript Calculator. If you’re a student of physics, accounting, etc, you can write and calculate mathematical expressions intuitively and naturally with no keyboard. You can perform Basic operations, Logarithms, Powers/Exponentials, Trigonometry and much more with just a gesture on your screen.


  • AED
    When dictionaries meet, AED sits in the front row. Been using this dictionary for 5 years. A student of English Studies will love this andriod app. Search all the English words, biographical and geographical information with Advanced English Dictionary. 196,000 entries, 1.4 million words and 250,000 relations make it the biggest dictionary available for mobile devices!


  • PDF Viewer is the best app to view PDF files. I like the way it arranges the PDF files on a virtual shelve. When you read and close a PDF file, you will be returned to the same page you left off reading.


  • Puffin Browser
    The wickedest browser. No other browser can match up the speed and loading time either in 2G, 3G or 4G. I have used different browsers in the past, but none can be compared to Puffin browser. It can open any page in desktop or mobile mode.


  • VideoMate
    Gives you good access to many video sharing site and with the capability to download them without extra apps. Are you looking to download videos on YouTube, Videomate is the right choice. You can choose to extract only audio from a video or download the full video in different formats.


  • Zapya
    Zap it, no time to waste. Send and receive files from other Android devices including the PC. No need to send large files with Bluetooth or USB when you can download and connect the Windows Zapya with your Android Zapya. You can also use the Windows Zapya as a hotspot.

  • File ManagerHD
    Troubled with Memory File ManagerHD will unravel the demons behind it. I have no other explorer except this app. It can take you from SD Card down deep into the root folders of your Android device. File ManagerHD is the best explorer with the ability to analyse internal and external memory.


  • Smart Launcher
    This App changes the looks and feels of your Android. Smart Launcher is the best hands down. It automatically assigns all downloaded and default apps to a category.


  • Grammarly
    Grammarly writing app finds and corrects hundred of complex writing errors so you don’t have to. As you type, Grammarly premium checks your text against more than 400 advanced grammar rules. The checks include common grammatical errors, such as subject-verb agreement articles use, and modifier placement, in addition to contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes and irregular verb conjugations. With Grammarly, you can type with confidence. Download here it’s free for Android, IOS and PC


  • Antivirus
    Lastly, you need Antivirus on your Android device. I don’t have any Antivirus app on my device. You can recommend a better Antivirus which consume no battery and RAM space.

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