In Nigerian universities, the grading system, is the process of summating student achievement using a percentage grading or letter grading It is a complex evaluative practice that requires educators to make judgments about student learning progress which in turn can significantly have effect on student self-perception, motivation for learning, prioritization of certain curriculum expectations, parental expectations, and social relationships.

Before 2018 December, Nigerian universities do not have a uniform grading system. For example, university of Ibadan make use of 7 points grading system which makes it difficult for student who want to transfer from UI to another school using 6, 5 or 4 points grading system.

Moving forward, The National Universities Commission (NUC) directed all universities in Nigeria to implement the five-point grading system against four-point. This simply means The National Universities Commission, NUC has stopped all universities in Nigerian from using a scale of seven, six or four points grading system.


Current Nigerian Universities Grading System

The five-point grading scale for degrees’ classification is as follows:

  • First Class4.50 – 5.00
  • Second Class Honours (Upper Division)3.5 – 4.49
  • Second Class Honours (Lower Division)2.40 – 3.49
  • Third Class Honours1.50 – 2.39
  • Pass degree1.00 – 1.49


A70 – 1005.00
B60 – 694.00
C50 – 593.00
D45 – 492.00
E40 – 441.00


Previous grading system which is no longer accepted

The four-point grading scale for degrees’ classification is as follows:

  • First Class Honours3.5 – 4.00
  • Second Class Honours (Upper Division)3.0 – 3.49
  • Second Class Honours (Lower Division)2.0 – 2.99
  • Third Class Honours1.0 – 1.99
  • Students with less than 1.0 CGPA will not be awarded a degree

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