How Long is a Semester in Nigeria

Nigeria universities especially Federal and State Universities make use of a semester system which is usually 4-5 months. This means, within a year, there are 2 semesters which makeup one academic session. Before you can graduate, you will have to go through 4-5 year academic sessions.
An academic session is a period of time during which an educational institution holds classes for core and elective courses and also conduct examinations. Classes are divided into first and second semesters using a study break. Each semester is used to evaluate the performance of a student using GPA.
How many months make up a semester in Nigerian universities: 4 – 5 months
How many credits units in a semester in Nigeria: Although this may vary, according to NUC guidelines, credit unit in per semester shall be between 15 and 24.
Credits units: Courses are assigned weights called credit units. Credit units consist of a specified number of student-teacher contact hours per week per semester. Credit units are used in two complementary ways; as a measure of course weighting and as an indicator of student workload.

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