How to earn money while studying in Nigeria

Except you come from a wealthy family, there is always a need to know how to make money in the university. If you don’t have money to spend, you will not enjoy schooling because university demands you spend and be spent. Being a university or college student doesn’t come cheap to some students.

From tuition fees, handouts and textbooks, transportation off and on the campus, medical bills, association fees, accommodation fees, feeding, clothing and even fun… Going to universities demands that you prepared in advance for seen and unforeseen expenses.

When scholarships, grants and loans are not available, many students usually would drop out due to fund. So what do you do to make money while in the university? Well, you can do a whole lot. There are a lot of easy jobs for university students that will get you the extra money you need, without requiring too much time away from your coursework or writing a business plan.


This work can be offline or online. Either way, money must be made. There are jobs that require huge capitals to start, but I am not here to show you that. What you’re about to read are ways to make money easily in the university.

Become a tutor.

Do you excel at a particular subject? Consider tutoring a younger student or even one of your colleagues in the same department if they find a particular course difficult. You can also set up a tutorial class for a Pre-degree student. The most common way to earn more in the university is to tutor new students in General Studies (GST).

Many students does not attend GST classes and it is a must that they pass all GST courses if they want to graduate. If you’re good with GST courses, you can charge N100 per day. This means, each student will pay 100 anytime they are coming for GST tutorial class. Now imagine you have over 300 students!!!

Laundry business.

Another way to make money in the university is through laundry service. Many lecturers do not have time to do laundry; these are your potential customers. You don’t need a shop to start making money from offering laundry service in the university.

Just the way you wash your clothes, you can earn money by washing clothes for others. There is no shame in this kind of business. The more customer you have, the more money you make. A single lecturer can give you clothes to wash twice in a week. You can charge as high as N500 for a shirt and trousers.


Transportation business.

Another quick way to make money in the university is through driving. If you have your own personal car or motorbike, you can make a living while schooling. While some can afford to drive around for fun, you should drive to make money. The school environment is the best place to make money especially when school is in session. While putting your timetable into consideration, you can work anytime.

Data Entry

80 per cent of university students are usually not computer literate. If you have a personal laptop and you’re good at typing, you can easily make money in the university by telling your colleague to give you their assignments that demand data entry or typing. You can also inform business centres nearby of your typing skills. They will gladly call you and offer you typing jobs they cannot handle alone.

Become a restaurant server

At every nook and corner of the university environment, you will always find a food restaurant and that’s because students eat a lot. Some student does not and may never cook while they school. They prefer to eat in a restaurant. In a university environment, there may be more than 20 restaurants in the street.

Do you want to make money at the university? One easy way is to own a restaurant or be a server. The latter is easier because you won’t bother about how food is produced or the number of customers. Your job is to serve.
I had a friend who helped himself through the university by being a restaurant server. He was never ashamed because he needed the money. You may not get paid hourly, but you can negotiate the time.


Can you barb? If you’re a lady, can you make hair? If you’re good, customers will find you. This kind of hustling in the university is only good on weekends. You don’t need a shop. Like I mentioned earlier, If you’re good, your work will announce you. The more customer you have, the more you make money. My cousin survived polytechnic by making hair for people without a shop.

Everything I have mentioned so far is offline. That is, how to make money in the university offline. Now let me show you how to make money online. I know a lot of students would prefer to know more about how to make online than offline. There are more than 100 ways to make money online and while some require you to go for training, some just required you to read the instruction and you can start making money asap.

I will only mention the easiest way to make money online. I mean how to make money online for free. I said FREE because many online money-making platforms will ask you to pay for registration which some people cannot afford. most read news and get paid sites.

How to make money online taking a picture

Every smartphone these days is equipped with a high megapixel camera which at times along with all the editing give the picture clicked by it an impression of a DSLR picture. Due to the availability of such advanced camera phones, everyone is all the time clicking tons of pictures. So if you are used to taking good pictures on your phone then why not make money out of it.

You don’t need a professional camera or equipment to make money online taking pictures. All you need is a smartphone that has a good camera in it, click pictures on it and upload it to certain Apps which in return pay you for your clicks. Learn more about how to make money online by taking a picture

How to make good money writing articles

Everyone needs money and of course, there is no free money anywhere. If you are not using money to get money, then, you are using your time and other dispensable resources. On this post, I will show you how to make money by writing articles and you can make 25 -350$ per article.

These websites pay you really well for each article that you draft for them. They want you to write such articles for them which were not previously discovered and unfamiliar to people, this helps them to explore new territories in terms of content and capture a different set of users. Learn more about how to make money online by writing articles

How to make money by becoming an online tutor

You can make money by becoming an online tutor. Yes, it is possible because in recent times have witnessed fast-paced lifestyles of people, where everyone is running out of time due to their busy, hectic and overworked schedules. This kind of lifestyle has prompted people to opt for online technology rather than investing time to reach a place and get their work done.

With the internet and mind-boggling technology, online teaching can give you the experience of a virtual classroom in the confinement of your room. This initiative of online tutoring has proved to be quite successful as thousands of students opt and subscribe to it on a daily basis hence this has led to increasing demand for expert online tutors.

You can make money by becoming an online tutor if you are gifted with the art and talent of teaching and wish to help students and be a vehicle in changing lives. In fact, online tutoring can prove to be a well-paid sustainable career option for you. Learn more about how to make money becoming an online tutor

Make money by Joining Question and Answer Sites

You can earn money online in Nigeria by giving answers to questions. The best part about this online job is that it is not time-consuming and with just the facility of internet you are good to go.

Most of the times when people are looking for individualized answers they direct their search to popular Q & A sites because these websites have a huge range of users which answer such questions with their first-hand experience and knowledge. Learn more about how to make money joining question and answer Sites

Make money online with google

Many people make use of Google to search for information and that’s all. But there is more to Google. Sometimes I make 5k daily just be making use of Google and there are over 2 million people making money from Google every day. Google makes money by helping people make money. Fasten your seat belt… This week I will publish an article on how to make money on Google.

How to make money on Facebook

Many student use Facebook every day to chat with friends, watch funny videos and do a whole lot of things but do you know you can make money from Facebook with your smartphone? While others are busy updating their status with pictures and quotes, you can be making money with little effort. I will write a comprehensive post on How to make money on Facebook this week. So, like our Facebook page to get updates

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