How To Stay Awake While Reading (8 Tips)


So many people have written about how to stay awake while reading and on this post, I’m going to contribute my bit. I have covered my student-related issues such as, how to set up a timetable, how to avoid carryover, how to study and pass any examination, how to pass waec in one sitting and many more.

One of the most common challenges students face is sleeping while reading. While there are many factors that may cause this, tackling/blaming will not help in staying awake while reading. For example, a student who has been attending classes, and practical will be exhausted at the end of the day.


For this reason, I am going to share with you some guides on how to stay awake while reading. These guide does not involve the use of any drugs, not even caffeine which acts as a central nervous system stimulant. When it reaches your brain, the most noticeable effect is alertness.


How To Stay Awake While Reading

Understand your body: Everyone’s body chemistry differs. What works for A may not work for B. The amount of stress you can take, hours of study, reading technics amount of food intake and the likes completely differs. So never use someone else reading pattern or habit to create yours.



Work with time: Many student finds it hard to stay awake while reading because they read any time they feel like reading. While it may work for someone else, the truth is, it doesn’t always work for everyone. We are a creature of time. If you want to stay awake while studying you must set a time for study. You will learn more about this as you continue reading.



Hydrate: Dehydration affects how brain function. Moderate levels of dehydration might impair short-term memory, concentration, alertness, and perception. To ensure stay awake while reading, stay hydrated throughout the day. This is especially important if you’re physically active or live in a warm climate.


Eat Wise, Eat Less: Avoid overeating and also avoid eating 2 hours before reading most especially carbohydrate-rich foods. Foods containing carbohydrates help produce serotonin and tryptophan amino acids found in the brain. This is the reason why you feel sleepy after eating.


Get Quality Sleep/Nap: One good way to stay awake while reading is to have a good 1 hr nap before you read and after you read. Taking a brief nap after reading can significantly increase retention of the information just learned and Lack of sleep impairs a person’s ability to focus and learn efficiently.

how to stay awake while reading



Join Reading Group: If lonely reading is not your pattern and you are truly seeking a way to stay awake while reading, you should involve yourself with a reading group or create one. Reading Group does not only help you stay awake while reading, but it also helps you work with a set time and make you are accountable, which makes it less likely you will procrastinate about reading.

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Read Aloud To Yourself: If you prefer lone reading to group reading, you can stay awake while reading by reading aloud to yourself. It’s impossible to read aloud and not stay awake. Not only will this exercises your body, it will help you comprehend what you are reading, and also allow you to listen back for your voice.

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Create a Time Table: I know that in addition to your studies, you have a number of other commitments. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, or feeling out of control, it is important to have a structure to manage your responsibilities and keep focused on your studies. Your study plan will also help you to renegotiate your time with yourself and others. Learn more here


Do you have any good tip to share on how to stay awake while reading? please use the comment to share.

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