How Write a Better Resume with Reference and Hobbies

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The Reference Section of a resume or CV has been watered down, and job seekers are not taking extra care when writing one. Although short, it can determine if you will get employed or not. Your beautiful and well-structured resume may be ignored if you don’t do the right thing. Remember this proverb The end of a thing is better than the beginning.

According to (Wordweb) Reference is a formal recommendation by a former employer to a potential future employer describing the person’s qualifications and dependability. Do you understand You must be careful when writing a resume Reference because it is one of the sensitive parts of a resume. A Reference person in a resume is someone who can vouch for you.


For a Fresh Graduate who have no work experience, your resume Reference can be a Coach, Former Teacher, Acquaintance. Never use your parent as a Reference. Your resume Reference is not the same as Guarantor. Graduate with work experience can draw resume Reference from a Past Boss, Managers, Supervisors and Close Associates. Please remember A Reference person in a resume is someone who can vouch for you.

Now let me discuss another part of resume Reference that as generated a lot of questions. Whether a job seeker should submit a Reference. My answer is – Don’t write a Reference on your resume nor It will be provided on request except in some cases where recruiters demand Reference on your resume upon submission. You should have a separate resume Reference page ready upon request. This is good as it will give you the chance to know the availability of your resume Reference.


On the other hand, providing your Reference upon submission demands that you make adequate follow up on their availability because recruiters will not inform you when they make contact. It would be a sad thing that after a successful interview, none of your Reference is available for interview. Some recruiters may be kind enough to inform you of this unavailability. You should not provide more than 3 Reference except you are told to do so. A resume Reference must follow this order.

Job Title
Business Address
Contact Information


Resume Reference for a bank job should be different from Oil and Gas job except your reference knows something about those jobs and your productivity. Also, make use of Grammarly to correct grammar and spelling mistakes. Microsoft Word can detect spelling errors, yet nothing compares to this app when it comes to proofreading. Built by linguist and language lovers, Grammarly writing app finds and corrects hundred of complex writing errors so you don’t have to. As you type, Grammarly premium checks your text against more than 400 advanced grammar rules. The checks include common grammatical errors, such as subject-verb agreement articles use, and modifier placement, in addition to contextual spelling mistakes, phonetic spelling mistakes and irregular-verb conjugations. With Grammarly, you can write your resume or CV with confidence. Download and install free.


I have made some fact pretty clear on Reference and Mistakes on a resume. Now, I want to tell you about ‘HOBBIES’. Many resumes have failed because of the wrong choice of hobbies when hunting for a job.” Experience has also shown that fresh graduates do not understand or know how to write hobbies on a resume.

1. Your hobby above other things tells your recruiter more about your social life.
2. What you do when you’re not working.
3. How you manage your time.
4. How you use your Skills and Ability in informal settings
5. Your availability for teamwork.

Hope those points make much sense to you

No recruiters would want to employ a robot as an employee. Hobbies give your recruiter a clearer picture of you and nothing else. One of the benefits of Hobbies in a resume is that it can create an atmosphere for discussion with your recruiters during a job interview. Now that you know the importance of hobbies, you should be careful not to lie about it. Three to four is enough. You may want to ask why.


If you list all your hobbies, then your recruiter may think that you may never have time to do any formal work outside the work environment. Remember to always tailor your Hobbies to match job specification and not just that, make sure there is a linking or connection with your Skills and Ability or other section in the resume or CV.


If you have Internet Research as one of your Skills, you can add Reading in your hobbies.
Creative thinking in Skills can link Chess, Sudoku or Scrabble game in Hobbies.
Make sure your Hobbies are centred around the job you’re applying for.


….And I wish you luck.

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