NYSC Monthly Allowance Clearance Letter Samples

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NYSC Monthly Allowance Clearance Letter Samples
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All NYSC corpers are entitled to Federal Government monthly allowance. And if you’re fortunate, you may also get a monthly allowance from the State Government of your PPA (Place of Primary Assignment). If your PPA is a private establishment, you may receive monthly allowance too. (Triple dose)

To receive Federal Government monthly allowance, you must present a monthly clearance letter to the State NYSC Zonal Inspector. This letter simply means you have been active in your Place of Primary Assignment and your employer has given you the go-ahead to receive the monthly allowance.


There are two types of NYSC monthly clearance letter – 

  • Clearance Letter written without PPA’s letter headed paper
  • Clearance letter written with PPA’s letter headed paper

 – You will see both NYSC Monthly Clearance samples below if you are a registered member

Recent update – In other to monitor corpers and the flow of payments, biometric has been introduced in some State. This means you cannot receive allowee until you submit a clearance letter and thumbprint your present. Biometric is available in few Nigeria States.


NYSC Monthly Clearance advice

  • Make a Photocopy of the clearance from your PPA and make sure it is signed.

  • Your PPA must leave a comment on the letter (you can use the same comment throughout)
  • Take it to LGA

  • Make sure you are properly kitted in the correct NYSC Attire. This is when officials would be looking for every reason to frustrate you.

  • Join the queue… don’t rush

  • If your clearance Letter doesn’t follow due order, you may not get paid until after nine months when NYSC will go through records to see who and who is yet to collect their full allowee.

  • Mind you, your letter won’t be checked at the point of submission so you must submit a correct, stamped and dated letter as seen on the samples below.

  • Your letter must carry the previous month date

    You’re to sign compulsorily three times on the clearance letter… check this image below to see where to sign, or download the editable version


The letter must be typed, signed, dated and stamped by whoever is in charge of your Place of Primary Assignment (your employer). The letter should be in a coloured or white office paper (preferably A4 paper) and addressed to the State Zonal Coordinator/Inspector


This is how an NYSC monthly clearance letter should look like

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