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Many times we see Whatsapp statuses that get our attention and we often wish to reshare with our friends. So, instead of asking and begging our friends to share the image or video with us, we can just go ahead download it with or without their permission. In fact, I often do not respond to my friends who request my status. I just advise them to get a Whatsapp status download app.

One feature that made WhatsApp stand out amongst others is the Whatsapp status which you can download using another app. This feature gives you the ability to share WhatsApp quotes, messages in the form of text, videos and images. Once you add a status, it will appear only for 24 hours then after it is automatically removed. You can add as many statuses at a time.

Whatsapp is the most popular messaging application that needs no further introduction. Because with this App, you can send unlimited messages, Images, Voice messages, Video Call, Audio call to connect with family and friends at any time.

Except you are using an unofficial Whatsapp application which provides a means of downloading Whatsapp status, the official Whatsapp app does not provide a means of downloading these statuses but there are third-party applications that can be used for WhatsApp status download. One of these apps which I have also made use of for over a year now is called Status Saver

With this app, you don’t need to do any settings. Once you view any status, this Whatsapp status download app will automatically grab the status and store it. To share this status, you will have to open the Whatsapp status download app and choose between images or videos.

After choosing, you will see a plus sign, click on it and choose to share or save as seen on the image below. Please note that this Whatsapp status download always grabs statuses and once they reach the minimum number this app can grab, older statuses are replaced with new ones. So it is advised to always save your preferred status for long term usage.

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