Guidelines for Effective Recommendation Letters For Scholarships

In every scholarship application, the letters of recommendation are one element that assists reviewers in learning more about you from someone who knows you and your accomplishments well.

A scholarship recommendation letter is about the candidate’s character, qualities, and achievements to fulfil the essential criteria of the scholarship application. The applicants need to familiarize themself with scholarship requirements to ensure that the letter follows all the requirements.

Tips For Scholarships Program Applicants:

  • Two recommendation letters from different people are often REQUIRED to complete your scholarship program application.
  • This is an opportunity for another person to introduce and share more information about why YOU deserve to become a suitable candidate.
  • The people writing your recommendation letters should know you personally either through your
    secondary studies, involvement with a community organization, in a professional work setting, or as an individual who will further explain their direct connection to you within the letter.
  • Letters should be written within a year of your application submission; recommendation letters that are older do not showcase your growth and most recent involvements and achievements.
  • Recommendation letters can NOT be written by family members.
  • Be careful not to upload the same recommendation letter twice when submitting the application online.


Tips For Those Writing Recommendation Letters for an Applicant:


  • Include the full name of the applicant.
  • Indicate how long you have known the applicant.
  • Describe the capacity and nature in which you have known the applicant.
  • Most effective letters are not less than 400 words nor more than 1000 words.
  • Provide your letter on official stationery with your contact information listed.

Suggested areas to write about in the letter of recommendation:

  • Discuss why the applicant would be a strong candidate for this specific scholarship. How does this applicant exemplify the personal qualities or selection criteria specified by the scholarship? Specific examples are critical.
  • Discuss the applicant’s personal characteristics, capacity to work with others in a team, leadership skills, and communication skills.
  • Comment on the applicant’s proposed plan of study at the tertiary level and what past experiences witnessed by you that relate to the applicant’s aptitude, retained interest, completion of a degree in the subject matter, and benefit is given to society upon graduation within this program.
  • From your perspective, how effective is the applicant in establishing and maintaining relationships?
  • To what extent does the applicant possess the traits of motivation and persistence?
  • Is there any reason to doubt the applicant’s diligence as a student and his or her honesty?
  • Share documented evidence of the applicant’s achievements in academics, leadership, or community service.
  • Does the applicant have any unique competencies, talents or leadership abilities?
  • What motivates this person? What excites him or her?


How To Write Recommendation Letters For Scholarships

How To Write Recommendation Letters For Scholarships

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