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Were you denied of VISA into the United State I know how depressing it is to be denied F1 VISA after so much energy and effort invested into it… This post is primarily aimed at looking at those things that may cause VISA denial and how to overcome it

Financial Integrity:

  • Your F1 Visa will be rejected if you don’t demonstrate proof of adequate financial support in the United States or Nigeria. You must show that you have sufficient means of funds to cover your trip. Including your air ticket, school fees, accommodation, food, local transport, sightseeing, entry fees, transfer, Insurance, shopping etc. Even if you have enough fund, consulates would still want to know your source of income. The income source can be from a scholarship, business, salary, commission, family income etc…


False Or Lack Of Documents:- 
  • Your Visa would be denied if it was confirmed that the presented document is false. If this is the case, reapplying again would be difficult. It is recommended to present a declaration of unavailable documents as required by the consulate. A decision will be taken after consideration of your declaration. Though this move is applicable for mandatory documents.


No Return Intent:-
  • Your Visa would be denied if you could not overcome the assumption of immigrant intent by sufficiently demonstrating that you have strong ties to your home country that will compel you to leave the United States at the end of your temporary stay. An assumption of immigrant intent means that every consulate interviewers know that almost all the applicants want to go to the United States with no intention of returning home. Every consulate wants an assurance that there is something strong that binds you to Nigeria and that you are travelling abroad for education purposes only. You can overcome this assumption of immigrant intent by proving that you have lots of reason to return back to Nigeria.


Criminal Record
  • Your Visa would be denied if you were convicted of a crime involving depravity or of drug violation… Within the visa form, there are specific questions regarding any criminal record, deportation and visa refusal for which you should give valid answers. Since consulate can verify your criminal report, any false information might lead to getting a ban on applying for a visa.

Body language:-

  • Successful visa interviews are not just based on documentation and background. Personality, enthusiasm, confidence, positive outlook, appearance, and clear communication count heavily in a visa interview. If an interviewer cannot tolerate your body language/fidgeting, your visa may be denied. pending when you can comport yourself.

Communication Problem:-

  • You’re going to an English speaking country and as a student, it is expected that you understand and can read in English. And also possess a good grade in TOEFL or SAT. But if with your good grade, you still cannot speak good English, it is a clear sign that you’re presenting a false document which may lead to visa your been denied.


  • Except you can defend the reasons why there are many backlogs, too many backlogs/carryover courses on your transcript may give the interviewer a red alert of unseriousness which may lead to visa your been denied.

This post is not limited to Nigeria only

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