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If you have been checking or just recently checked JAMB CAP and you see admission in progress, do not fidget. There are thousands of other students probably having the same issue with you right now. I promise not to bore you with long stories. Right here on this page, I will tell you the meaning of Admission in Progress on JAMB CAP and what you should do about it.

I can tell, you are very nervous about this and mind you, there are thousands of people who instead of seeing Admission in Progress, saw Not Admitted. Perhaps you are here to know if Admission in Progress will change to Offered Admission or Not Admitted.

According to JAMB, Admission in progress means admission is ongoing and if it is discovered that a candidate does not have the requirements for admission, the notification will disappear. Let me break it down. Admission in progress is simply a way JAMB notifies you that you are currently being screened by the institutions you have chosen.

Of course, I believe you will have an idea of how you are being screened. JAMB score, Post UTME score, JAMB correct subject combinations and O’level subjects combination and grades. Now you know the meaning of Admission in Progress, you may be wondering how long it will take for Admission in Progress to change to Offered Admission or Not admitted in rare cases.

Remember admission into any university in Nigeria, comes out batch by batch. While it may take just a few days to finish up the in-house screening process, some may even take longer. So it all depends on the school you have chosen. Some candidates waiting for the merit list may have to wait longer before the good news. Candidates in the subsequent lists may not wait too long since the school has already kick-started releasing lists.

Can Admission in Progress change to Not Admitted?

Whenever you see NOT ADMITTED as your admission status. It simply means that you have not been offered provisional admission at the institution you choose and unfortunately, Yes. Admission in progress can be changed to Not Admitted.

What you should do if your admission status reads ‘Not Admitted’?

Don’t do anything! Do not click on the ACCEPT icon unless your Admission status had changed to ADMITTED. Note that by clicking on the ACCEPT when your status is NOT ADMITTED, it means you’ve accepted a non-existent Admission

But there is still hope. JAMB CAPS is expected to make provision for a ‘marketplace’ in the JAMB portal where institutions can go and ‘request for students in Nigeria who score their cut off points. So, if for example, UNN denies you admission, EKSU may request for you through JAMB CAP marketplace. I believe you now know the meaning of Admission in progress…

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