How to study effectively in the university

How to Study Effectively in University and College

Some student asks me how to study effectively for long hours while others want to know how to study effectively for exams in a short while. Different things work for different people. This study techniques is suitable for university students of all level and also for a college student

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Online Global MBA in Nigeria

All You Need To Know About Online Global MBA

Online Global MBA has come to stay and it is a mark of distinction on your resume. Do you want to know more about Online Global MBA? This programme for you… I mean you because you won’t be searching this if you don’t have an interest in advancement. It is a comprehensive innovative online learning programme that explores fundamentals such as finance, strategic management, operations management, and marketing.

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f1 visa interview

Why F1 Visa is Denied and How to Overcome Rejection

Where you denied of VISA into the United State? I know how depressing it is to be denied F1 VISA after so much energy and effort invested into it… This post is primarily aimed at looking at those things that may cause VISA denial and how to overcome it

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punishment for examination misconduct

Punishment/Penalties for Examination Malpractice

Do you want to know the punishment for examination malpractice / misconducts by Students in Nigeria? Well, here are some malpractices with corresponding punishment/penalties. The list is not exhaustive and may vary according to each university policy.

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Frequently Ask Questions on Pass/No Pass

Are you thinking of Pass/No Pass? Many students choose this option because it allows them to take courses without worrying about how their performance in these courses. Here is a frequently asked questions and answer

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