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List of Courses Offered by RMIT University

RMIT is an internationally recognised university of technology, design and enterprise. While RMIT is one of Australia’s original universities—known for excellence in art and engineering, design and management, and architecture and finance—its approach is anything but old school. RMIT is all about real-life exploration, and encouraging students to apply knowledge and theory in practical settings.

List of Tsinghua’s Undergraduate Courses

The university offers 78 undergraduate programs, including but not limited to Science, Engineering, Business, Humanities, Law and Medicine. As a comprehensive researching university, Tsinghua sets the standards for engineering education, excels in the liberal arts and science programs, and leads the nation in interdisciplinary education. Tsinghua’s undergraduate education is nothing less than exceptional. The undergraduate

International Student: Courses Offered by Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University was one of the first Chinese universities with international students enrollment. Back in 1950, 14 students from Eastern Europe were admitted into Tsinghua. As of today, more than 30,000 international students have studied at this historical Imperial Garden, and have been making distinctive contributions to societies and industries worldwide. In recent years, Tsinghua’s