Is Public Health a good major?

Yes, Public Health is a good major for those who are passionate about improving the health and well-being of other people and communities. One of the most rewarding benefits for Public Health is knowing that they are making a lasting impression to improve society. Many Public Health workers are directly involved in local communities and can see an immediate impact from their work. They are responsible for educating the public and bringing health awareness to local communities.



Is Public Health a hard major?

Yes. Public Health is a hard major requiring undergraduate students to take both hard and soft sciences, Core courses, such as epidemiology and biostatistics, can be challenging, especially if science and math are not some of the person’s strongest suits.



Public Health major salary

Public Health is a good major in the United States with a limited number of job roles to explore. There is no standard salary for any Public Health jobs. Your salary also depends on if you’re working in the private or public sector. The national average salary for a Public Health major in the U.S. is $57,093



Some classes Public Health majors may likely take:

  • Contemporary Health
  • Orientation to Kin & Comm Health
  • Public Health Organizations
  • Health Care Systems
  • Epidemiology
  • Psychology
  • Human Anatomy and Physiology
  • Human Development
  • Health Behavior
  • Ethics for the Health Care Professional
  • Health Data Analysis
  • Physical Activity & Health



What other majors are related to Public Health?


Course difficult62%  ℹ️
Acceptance rate100% ℹ️
Relevance metric100%  ℹ️
Job availability52%
Estimated number of studentNil
Colleges with Public Health Majors100+ ℹ️ See schools here


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