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History and International Studies Courses in Nigeria

    Courses Under History and International Studies Degree

    On this article, I am going to list out some History and International Studies course outlines in Nigeria Universities which you will study before you can to become a graduate of History and International Studies. Normally, a course outline should contain; course name, course description, course hours etc… but I am going to skip that information and go straight to History and International Studies subjects for university students.

    I will only list out the course names excluding  GST Courses and those courses with part II and III to avoid too much information. There is no guarantee that the listed History and International Studies subjects (courses) will be fully covered in your school because universities in Nigeria does not use a uniform curriculum.

    Nevertheless, you will study 97% of History and International Studies courses listed here.
    The following History and International Studies courses listed here do not follow the traditional course structure and they have been arranged in alphabetical order. Notwithstanding, the list here covers 100 level courses, 200 level courses 300 courses and 400 level courses.

    The following are the list of Core History and International Studies Courses

    • Africa and European Imperialism
    • Africa and the Outside World
    • American Diplomacy in the 20th Century
    • Archaeology of Nigeria
    • AU: A study in African International Relations
    • Blacks in the Diaspora
    • Capitalism, Communism and Mixed Economy
    • Christianity in West Africa
    • Comparative Industrial Growth and Development of USA, Britain and Japan
    • Computer Application to History
    • Constitutional Development of Nigeria
    • Contemporary History of the Middle East
    • East and Central Africa since 1800 AD
    • East/West Relations since 1945
    • Economic History of Nigeria since the 19th Century
    • Economic History of USA since the 19th Century
    • Elementary French I
    • Europe from the French Rev. to World War II
    • Europe to the Age of the Revolutions
    • Evolution of Diplomacy
    • Evolution of Modern Forms of Government
    • Foreign Policies of Major World Powers
    • Fundamentals of International Studies
    • History of America since 1865
    • History of Russia, 1800-1917
    • History of the Commonwealth
    • Int’l Law and Diplomacy in the 19th Century
    • International Institutions and Organization
    • Introduction to Archaeology
    • Introduction to Economic History
    • Introduction to Economics I
    • Introduction to History
    • Introduction to International Studies
    • Introduction to Psychology I
    • Introduction to Sociology
    • Introduction to Strategic Studies
    • Islam in West Africa
    • Japan from the Tokugawa to the Meiji Restoration
    • Land and Labour in Africa, 1850 – 1950
    • Major World Civilizations
    • Modern African Political Thought
    • Nigeria 1900 – 1970
    • Nigeria from 1000 – 1800 AD
    • Nigeria since 1970
    • Nigeria, 1800 to 1900 AD
    • Nigeria’s Foreign Policy
    • North Africa from the First Conquest of Egypt to 1800 AD
    • Problems & Prospects of Reg. Econ. Dev. in W/Africa
    • Problems and Issues in African Historiography
    • Research Techniques and Methodology
    • Southern Africa since 1800AD
    • Strategic Issues in the 20th Century
    • The Military in African Politics
    • Themes in Latin America and Caribbean History
    • USSR Politics and Diplomacy in the 20th century
    • War and Peace since the 20th Century
    • West Africa from 1500 to Present

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