Psychology graduate programs cover the human mind, personality, and behaviour. They explore the ways people interact with each other and the world. One main application for these programs is addressing mental health problems (social, cognitive, abnormal, personality and developmental).

There are a few, not very many options when it comes to choosing a psychology graduate program. Nevertheless, choosing the right one ultimately depends on your goals and the area of psychology in which you want to work.

A psychology graduate degree program can be earned at the Masters and doctorate degree levels. At the doctoral level, you could choose from two paths. One is a PhD in Psych. The other is a Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D.) degree. You’ll also find different Master’s programs in Psychology.

One is the M.S. (Master of Science) and M.A. (Master of Arts) degrees. The M.S. may focus more on scientific research. And the Masters of Arts program may apply psychology theory to real-world issues.

Psychology Graduate Programs In The World

M.Sc, M.Phil, M.Phil/Ph.D&Ph.D.

  • Educational Psychology
  • Counselling Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Child Psychology
  • Clinical Psychology
  • Personnel Psychology
  • Psychology Of Adult Education
  • Educational Psychology And School Counselling
  • Adolescent Psychology And Youth Counselling
  • Social Psychology
  • Forensic Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
  • Industrial & Organisational Psychology
  • Personality And Social Psychology
  • Managerial Psychology (M.M.P)
  • Legal Criminology And Security Psychology

All the listed Psychology Graduate Programs have different requirements. For example: In Nigeria’s premier university (UI), to study;

Legal Criminology and Security Psychology (LCS PSYCHOLOGY)
Candidate must have an honours degree with at least three years of work experience in relevant fields such as the Customs Department, Prison Service, Immigration Department, Legal Practice, Security Organizations, Military and Foreign Missions. Candidates with evidence of corporate sponsorship will have added advantages.

Types Of Admission For Psychology Graduate Program

Full-Time Admission
Full-time admission can be offered only to candidates who satisfy Psychology Graduate Program and that they are not in employment, or that they have been released by their employers to undertake full-time studies. Candidates found to have made a false declaration in this regard shall be asked to withdraw from the University.

Part-Time Admission
Candidates may be admitted to part-time registration if they can satisfy the Postgraduate Committee that facilities for their work as part-time students are adequate. Candidates applying for part-time registration may be asked to show evidence of release by their employers.

Admission as Occasional Students
Candidates who satisfy the minimum entry requirements for the higher degree programme and are recommended by the Postgraduate Committee may be admitted as occasional students, but shall not be awarded a degree from the University.

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