GPA and CGPA Calculator for Universities in Nigeria

Not so many students know how to calculate GPA and CGPA, some may not have the time to sit down for some minutes. I understand and for this reason, Fatherprada came up with a GPA and CGPA calculator for Nigerian university students.

Very easy to use. You don’t have to hit calculate because all your inputs are calculated in real time. All you need to do is to enter your course name, credit unit (same as credit hours) and your result grade.

This calculator can help you throughout your studentship… you can calculate from 100 first semester to 400 level or 500 level final year. Fatherprada included an extra year in case of extension.

GPA calculator Nigeria


With this calculator, you don’t need to wait for your course advisor to know if you will be graduating with first class or second class –  this GPA and CGPA calculator had been programmed to tell you how you’re performing all the way.


GPA calculator in Nigeria


Ok, enough of the story…. if you’re ready to calculate your GPA and CGPA, hit the Enter Button

Warning!!!  – You may have a rapid heartbeat- it is normal


Calculator coming soon

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