6 Practical Things To Do When Your Bored In Class

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Now, there are various reasons why students find a class boring. Student may not have an interest in the subject, the teacher’s teaching method may be poor and so on. There is this feeling of being trap in a time loop while inside a boring class; time seems to slow down. With the help of a friend who happens to be a linguistics teacher, we were able to come up with 6 things you can do when you are bored in class.

6 Practical Things To Do When Your Bored In Class

Jot down a to-do list or a weekly schedule (non-distracting): Sometimes you simply don’t care about the subject matter and instead of listening to the teacher, you want to do something else; you can make a list of things you need to do to clear your mind. You can also make a list of your top 10 favourite movies or books, actors etc! Making lists can encourage creativity and help get rid of anxiety and boredom.


Ask Questions (distraction): Another thing you can do when you are bored in class is to ask questions about what you haven’t understood or offer counterpoints to someone else’s opinion in class. When you need to ask a question, make eye contact with your teacher and raise your hand to let them know. A sane teacher won’t be upset if you ask for clarification during the class.


Do your home works (non-distracting): The next time you are going to attend a compulsory but boring class, you should take along uncompleted homework from various classes. As your teacher/Lecturer is busy with class activities, you can focus on your homework task. You’ll save yourself tons of time, so you can actually rest when you get home.

Only do this if there are a large number of student in the classroom or you are sitting in a less visible place within the classroom. Some lecturer will not be happy with you if caught doing something else while they are still in class; so be careful.


Be Creative ( Sketch, Write Poem)(non-distracting): Not every class you take may be fun and exciting, no matter how the teacher might try. Another thing you can do when you are bored in class is to engage in non-distracting activities like sketching and writing poetry.

Engaging in non-distracting activities like sketching and writing poetry is a great idea. Sketching and poetry keep you occupied and boosts your creativity and writing skills. As long as the pencil moving, boredom will cease absolutely.


Play Game Tic Tac Toe (non-distracting): If you cannot do any of the above when you are bored in class, then play a game with your friend. Tic-tac-toe can be played with nothing else than just a pen and a piece of paper. Tic-tac-toe, though not a hard strategy it requires some thought such as blocking the other player and keeping them from winning while trying to win yourself.


Observe/appraise your teacher: Look at your teacher’s outfit: consider the colour of their dress, design, give them a positive or negative compliment in your mind. Imagine their lifestyle through their dressing. Doing this can engage your mind and kill boredom.

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