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Earn Money Daily on Racksterly

Racksterly is an advertising platform, they are paid by major companies e.g GLO, Konga, Virgin Atlantic airlines etc to advertise their products and services. Now Racksterly wants these adverts to get to the grassroots and there’s where you and I come in, Racksterly is interested in using our facebook timelines for these adverts, let’s call it that they want to rent your timeline and they pay you for that.. pretty cool huh?

Now the process of getting paid requires you to do a monthly subscription with them, that is to say, that your payment is in a 30day cycle under your subscription.

Racksterly Plan

  • Dew: $18 to earn $1.2 daily $36 Monthly
  • Drizzle: $25 to earn $1.8 daily $54 Monthly
  • Storm: $45 to earn $3.5 daily $105 Monthly
  • Typhoon: $75 to earn $5.6 daily $163 Monthly



Click on the link below to register

  • Fill in ur profile details and continue*
  • On the next page is where you input your bank account details where they will pay you
  • The next is where you choose a plan you want to subscribe to* *choose one plan and proceed
  • After you have selected any of this procedure to make payments which is via paystack (online payment)
  • After the payment is successful, link your Facebook account
  • When you are done linking your facebook account you will arrive at your dashboard where you start making your money by sharing on post on Facebook daily
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