How Can I Pass JAMB Without Studying? [wpdts-year]

No, you cannot pass JAMB UTME without studying. Don’t let anyone deceive, you can’t cut corners for JAMB UTME. And except an angel visits you during your exam, you can’t pass JAMB UTME without studying. If you don’t prepare for jamb, you will fail. JAMB is not a theory examination where you can write your thoughts. In objective questions, the answer to a question is among the options.

Please check How to answer and Pass JAMB UTME Questions.
If you have no idea, you will choose the wrong answer because JAMB objective questions can be tempting and deceitful especially when all answers look alike. Remember the girl with the lowest JAMB UTME score?

To answer and pass JAMB objective questions, you must prepare. Do you understand? Some of you ask, how do I score above 300 in JAMB?. To score above 300 you must prepare like someone going to battle. I can’t overstress the importance of preparation. If you don’t have time to study, create one. Don’t confuse preparation and study, they are not the same.

To pass for JAMB UTME examination once and above 300, you must prepare your mind and body. You need the mind to understand what you read, you need the body to carry the mind. Once your body is down, you will find it difficult to use your mind. This means you should maintain good health and a friendly environment.

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