How to verify WAEC result for WES

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If you’re travelling to the United States especially for educational purpose, you will be required to verify your WAEC result for WES. The main purpose of WES (World Educational Services) is to evaluate and ensure your credentials are recognized in the United States.

WES evaluation are widely accepted and often specifically requested by academic institutions throughout the United States. WES convert educational credentials from any country in the world into their U.S equivalents. It describes each certificate, diploma or degree that you have earned and states its academic equivalency in the United States.

In Nigeria, whenever your transcript is requested to sent to WES for evaluation, you must send along;

  • Exam results issued by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) with a WAEC scratch card OR
  • National Examinations Council (NECO) Senior School Certificate with a NECO scratch card OR
  • General Certificate of Secondary Education: GCSEO (O-level) or GCSEA (A-level)

For post-secondary transcripts you will need:

  • National, Higher National, Post Higher National diplomas along with the transcript
  • Bachelor, Masters, or PhD Degree along with the transcript

However, you’re expected to send your WAEC document to WES through WAEC only. This means while you are required to send your transcript to WES through any preferred courier of your choice, WAEC is expected to send your WAEC document to WES to verification. WAEC will not do this automatically. You will have to visit the WAEC head office at Yaba and start the verification process.

Once WAEC is through with the primary verification process, you will be directed on how to process and send your document through courier service designated by WAEC itself.

Things to take along to verify WAEC result for WES

  • WES address and Reference number
  • Have two recent passport photographs with a red background.
  • Three brown envelops.
  • Make photocopies of your original WAEC result, you can also use the one you printed on WAEC official website. WAEC will refuse your result if it contains your school name.
  • WAEC pin/Scratch cards
  • Swear Affidavit for WES (You can get affidavit, Scratch cards and Postage Stamp from shops directly opposite WAEC office. The cost of doing this cost around 5k. There is a woman called Iya WES. Locate her shop for the speedy process)

You can get all these things at business centres opposite WAEC head office. I’ll advise you to start the process early but you won’t be allowed into the premise until 9 AM.

Once you have all things in place, go over to the receptionist and tell him/her what you came for. You will be assigned a tag after signing in. Remember to always ask questions. You will be directed to the 5th floor where you will meet a WAEC staff who will access your documents for WES processing.

An additional form will be given for you to fill. Here you will enter your details, WES address and Reference number. You will also write down WES address and the Reference number at the back of one of the brown envelop you brought along. This is the address where your document ill be mailed to.

The next step is to make 10k payment to WAEC and from there, you will be directed to take the receipt to another office for confirmation.

WAEC for WES final verification

After the 10k verification, you will be given a receipt which you will take to WAEC courier services. Don’t worry. You will be directed. Once you get there, you will notice different courier services. You have the option to choose anyone. They will request for the receipt of issued by WAEC and thereafter, you will be required to pay courier fees which range from 9000 to 13000.

Lastly, don’t forget to collect the tracking number from the courier service. With the number, you can track the delivery of your package online. You may also get their contact for communication.

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  1. a nice updated info.
    WAEC is still a very conservative body.
    Someone not in Nigeria cant do this.
    I need this but its crazy on how to start as am not in Nigeria

  2. Hi there, your advice is explicit. The problem is that I am currently not in Nigeria to carry on this process, can someone do it on my behalf?

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