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2019 JAMB CAPS & How to Accept and Reject Admission

On this page, I will guide you on what JAMB CAPS is all about, the benefits and how to check admission status as well as how to accept or reject provisional admission.

JAMB, in the discharge of its mandate, developed the Central Admissions Processing System (CAPS) also known as JAMB CAPS to automate the admission exercise with the aim to refocus JAMB on its founding ideals as a Clearing House for the Admissions Process, ensure operational efficiency. promote transparency, accountability, and to expand admission opportunities.

Prior to this development, JAMB was only responsible for central admission examination and admission letters. Various institutions were responsible for admitting students. This process was not satisfactory as many qualified candidates were not given admission.

What is JAMB CAPS?

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Central Admission Processing System (CAPS) is a platform created to ensure quality control, transparency and credibility of the admission process in Nigeria. JAMB CAPS was created to ensure the admission process is done within a controlled portal. Candidates can register, check admission status, accept or reject provisional admission and can also make themselves available at the JAMB CAPS market place.

Institutions can also go and request for students in Nigeria who score their cut off points. This mean institution can only admit those who meet their cut off points. If a candidate fails to meet the cut off mark, that student would certainly be denied admission irrespective of the candidate’s connection. The following are the Functions of JAMB CAPS;

To check JAMB Admission status:

Back in the days, you will have to travel down to a university to check your JAMB admission status. Later on, with the advent of the internet, Universities were able to publish a list of admitted students on their website. But there was a lot of misappropriation and admission lacked equity and transparency. Before the introduction of JAMB CAPS, admission status was solely the responsibility of various institutions. Many qualify student may not get admission due to VC list, Dean’s list, HOD list etc.

JAMB realising the problems associated with admission, JAMB created JAMB CAPS to curb and control the admission process all within a portal. Now with JAMB CAPS, you have can check JAMB admission status right from the comfort of your room. You will be easily notified from JAMB CAPS if you have been admitted or Not Admitted and you can also accept or reject provisional admission.

For Market Place Operations:

The Market Place feature in JAMB CAPS provides flexibility for the higher Institutions Nigeria to source for candidates who may not have earlier chosen the institution for Admission consideration. Institutions may use various selection parameters such as UTME score, State/ Local Government, Gender, preferred programmes/course of the Candidates. For example, UI may source for female candidates into her International relations department through JAMB CAPS Market place.

The List of Candidates so selected from the JAMB CAPS Market Place are then pushed to JAMB who then notify the Candidates of Market Place consideration by Institutions. A candidate may Accept / Reject Market Place consideration, subject to a maximum of three (3) Market Place considerations at a time. This means a candidate can only reject admission from the market place three times after which no more admission offer will be given.

Another function of Market Place within JAMB CAPS is that a candidate could also approach the Market Place to announce availability for Admission consideration from any institution or for any course programme different from those earlier indicated during the UTME Registration, provided the candidate has the required O’ Level Results and wrote the compulsory subject combination in the UTME.

Any agreement or understanding on Admission consideration between the Institution and candidate based on Market Place operations will have to be effected with a requirement for the Candidate to effect a Change of Institution on the JAMB Portal to be available for Download by the new Institution to follow the subsequent steps in the Admission Process.

In summary, JAMB CAPS has made admission easy in one sitting. You as a candidate can make yourself available to other universities, polytechnics or college of education when you’re not given admission by the University you preferred. Likewise, universities who still need more candidates can use the Market place within JAMB CAPS to outsource for suitable candidates based on specific criteria.

I want you to read this

To Accept or Reject Provisional Admission:

Where you offered Provisional admission in JAMB? If you have not seen such on your JAMB CAPS, you will soon.

To you, Provisional admission in JAMB means you have been offered admission but you have the choice to reject or accept the admission. If you accept the admission, you will no longer be available for other interested institutions. If you reject the admission, your profile will be made available for other institutions to offer you provisional admission.

Even if the universities you choose as first and second choice offer you admission, it will be called provisional admission because you have the right to accept or reject if you have a change of mind.

To Universities, Provisional Admission means that the university you have accepted may reject you outrightly if you don’t meet up the admission requirements. This is why JAMB called it Provisional Admission meaning under terms, trial or not fully agreed upon. Taking action to clear provisional admission is the sole responsibility of any student.

Benefits of JAMB CAPS

With this automated admission process, JAMB CAPS is a welcome development and with many benefits such as;

  • Restores Autonomy of Institutions
  • Protects Academic Calendar
  • Refocuses JAMB’s founding Ideals as Clearing House
  • Expands Admission Opportunities for Candidates
  • Provides credible and easily retrievable data for
  • Researching & planning on the Education sector
  • Access to data for research purposes
  • Enhances inclusiveness, equity, transparency &
  • Accountability in the Admission Process.


  • JAMB CAPS provides efficient use of time and resources
  • JAMB CAPS automation minimises human errors
  • JAMB CAPS eliminates multiple admissions
  • JAMB CAPS significantly reduces attrition Rate
  • JAMB CAPS enforces respect for internal rules & discourages arbitrariness
  • JAMB CAPS provides for instant Admission
  • JAMB CAPS makes candidates the central focus.

How JAMB CAPS Operates

  • After successful completion of the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and release of results, lists of Candidates is forwarded to their First Choice Institutions
  • JAMB thereafter requested all Institutions to use the Lists to determine their respective Cut off Marks and forward same to JAMB ahead of the Policy Meeting and programme (course).
  • JAMB received and collated Individual Institution and programme (course) Cut off Marks as determined by their respective Senate / Academic Board
  • Institutions download (from CAPS) details of Candidates that meet the Institutions and programmes Cut off Mark and had selected them as First Choice Institutions. JAMB additionally provides softcopy of the same information on CDs to Institutions
  • Awaiting Results Candidates upload their results to JAMB Portal
  • Institutions may conduct Post UTME Screenings for downloaded candidates
  • Results of Post UTME where applicable are uploaded to CAPS to obtain aggregate scores for the candidates
  • CAPS ranks and suggests candidates that meet the Institution’s Admissions Criteria as configured on the system by the Institution.
  • The Admissions Desk Officer of the Institution reviews the List of the Suggested Candidates and makes the decision as to which candidates to select for further processing. The Admissions Desk Officer generates a List of Proposed Candidates for review and approval of the Head of the Institution
  • The Head of the Institution reviews the List of Proposed Candidates as appropriates and push the List of Recommended Candidates to JAMB
  • The JAMB (Admission Officer) reviews the Recommended Candidates to confirm they are from those initially sent to the Institution; met the Admissions Criteria as advertised in the brochure and set on CAPS by the Institution, including upload of and confirm that no qualified candidate has been unjustly denied Admission. No candidate will be considered without the upload of his/her O’Level and/or A’ Level result
  • JAMB generates a List of Provisional Admissions
  • JAMB notifies Candidates to Accept / Reject Admission
  • Candidate Accepts / Rejects Admission on the JAMB Portal or through USSD or Short Service Code within 72hours.
  • If Candidate Accepts Provisional Admission, JAMB updates Admission Status and forwards List of Confirmed Admissions to the Institution
  • Candidate prints Admission Letter and Proceeds to the Institution for further internal Admission Processing
  • If Candidate Rejects Admission, s/he becomes available in the Market Place for further possible consideration for Admissions

How to check admission status on JAMB CAPS and how to reject or accept admission.

Only follow this step if you have enough active data subscription.

  • Open your favourite browser but is better you check your admission status using a desktop because the portal is not fully optimized for a mobile browser. If you don’t have access to a desktop browser, then click on the three-dot at the top left concern of your mobile browser and click desktop mode.
  • Visit the jamb caps admission checking portal
  • Log in and scroll down to check CAPS UTME/DE Admission status.
  • Your profile details including Jamb score, institution etc. will appear when you have successfully logged in to Jamb caps portal.
  • Click on the UTME/DE Admission button to check and accept/reject your status of admission.
  • If you are given admission in a school you prefer, then click on accept admission.
  • If the institution and course space are blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Keep frequenting the JAMB CAPS.
  • Don’t click on accept admission when you are not offered admission by any school
  • Once you accept the admission offered to you then your profile will be removed from JAMB CAPS Market place.

Accept Admission Status:

Accept Admission by clicking on the accept button if you are okay with the school and course you are offered admission.

Reject Admission in Jamb Caps:

Reject the admission by clicking on the Reject button if you are not okay with the school and course you are offered admission. His buttons will remain inactive until you are offered admission.

Candidates who have been offered admission on JAMB CAPS are to equally print their admission letter after accepting the admission, as they will likely need this during clearance and registration in the school that they have been admitted.

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  • On my caps under transfer approval it show that my first choice institution want to transfer you from ur program /course of prefarance to another program / course. And was stated that u are required to either accept or reject, this transfer approval consideration.
    And my old course was stated below and the new course,. I have accept the offer but it is still showing the same after I accept it, I have mostly accept it more than three times now and still showing it
    Pls what's the meaning sir

  • If I reject transfer consideration from my first choice institution can the institution offer me my first choice course

  • Pls sir, I was transferred on jamb caps and I did change of course immediately, does that mean I ave been admitted and can print admission letter or I still ave to wait till my admission status change to admitted because it has already displayed d new course but not admitted is still on my check admission status

  • Plz, Wat are the reasons institute give a TRANSFER PROGRAM through my jamb caps for me to accept or reject because, that is what they did to me on my caps wall? Tnks, want to know the reasons plz

  • Hello sir, my jamb caps is still in progress now and my school as release up to forth list now those that mean am not getting my admission

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