We do not pay you to read, rather, we pay when you invite others to be a reader.

To start earning money for inviting people to Fatherprada’s Newshub, you must first become a member. To become one, you are to pay a Membership Commitment fee of N3000.

On your dashboard, you will see a personalised invitation link which you can use to invite anyone to Fatherprada’s Newshub. When you invite someone to Fatherprada’s Newshub and they register to become a member, you earn commission N2000. The more you invite the more you earn.

Fatherprada initiates monthly automatic payment for those who reach the minimum withdrawal amount of N4000 and above. Ensure you submit your bank details on your dashboard.

Fatherprada also pays members on request. If you reach the minimum withdrawal of N4000 and above and you don’t want to wait until month-end, you can request a withdrawal.

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