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TextMaster is the leading professional translation service available entirely online. By combining a network of experienced translators in over 50 languages with advanced technology, TextMaster is redefining how businesses handle translation.
TextMaster network of professional translators and copywriters, combined with cutting-edge technology, have made TextMaster a leading platform. Their international presence in many areas allows TextMaster to offer more varied translation and copywriting projects to our network of freelancers.
TextMaster has maintained a customer satisfaction rate of 98%, thanks to their rigorous quality process which includes checking the skill level of each of the freelance translators and copywriters who sign up on our platform.
Benefits Of working with TextMaster

  • 24/7 access to tasks
  • Direct contact with your clients
  • Payment via Payoneer or PayPal in 7 to 14 days
  • Work with cutting-edge technologies
  • Real-time translation memories
  • Interactive glossaries
  • Cloud backup
  • Tailored rates
  • Your skills are valued
  • Easy management of file formats

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