A lot of students are neither searching for the correct subject combinations for a particular course they want to study or searching for courses that match their current WAEC or NECO result.

Fatherprada’s Panda search was designed to ease this search. Simply enter 5 subjects on the search box and select your preferred faculty. Fatherprada’s Panda will scan for courses within seconds. Mathematics and English Language is compulsory and don’t include Civic and any Trade subject (they are irrelevant).


Very Important

Supported subjects are:
Mathematics, English Language, Economics, Accounting, Commerce, Government, Biology, Geography, Chemistry, Physics, Further Mathematics, Agriculture, Literature in English Language, Computer, Fine Art, Music, Yoruba, Edo, Hausa, Igbo, Efik, Food and Nutrition.

  • Type the subjects in full as seen above. Any form of abbreviation will bring out no result
  • Please don’t indicate whether you scored A1 or C5. Just type in the subjects.
  • Simply enter 5 subjects including Mathematics, English Language on the search box and select your preferred faculty or choose all faculty