Northeastern State University majors and acceptance rate

Located in the South region of the United States, NSU, the fourth largest four-year institution in the state of Oklahoma and the second oldest four-year public institution west of the Mississippi River, has a student population of approximately 8,000 spread over three campuses with 6,000 in Tahlequah, the university’s main campus. There are approximately 120 international students and scholars representing about 35 countries. Tahlequah and its surrounding area make up a population of approximately 18,000.



Is Northeastern State University hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Northeastern State University is 99%. For every 100 applicants, 99 are admitted. This means the school is not selective; not hard to get into. You have a great chance of getting accepted if you meet Northeastern State University’s requirements for GPA, SAT/ACT scores, and other application components.



Is Northeastern State University a good school?

Northeastern State University is a good school that provides its diverse communities with lifelong learning through a broad array of undergraduate, graduate, and professional doctoral degree programs.



What is Northeastern State University known for?

Northeastern State University is known for its outstanding quality teaching, research, and scholarly activities, as well as service to local and professional communities, Northeastern State University is also known for providing a friendly learning environment where students are prepared to achieve socially responsible career and personal goals for success in a challenging global society



Is Northeastern State University a party school?

Yes, Northeastern State University is a party school.



What major is Northeastern State University known for?

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