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Subject: Civic Education
Topic: The Seven Core Freedoms Of The UDHR
Class: SS1
Term: Third Term (Week 3)
Description: Civic Education Lesson Note on The Seven Core Freedoms Of The UDHR has 1 lesson. If you are a Civic Education class teacher, you should teach this topic within 1 week depending on your school timetable or schedule. However, SS1 students and those preparing for Civic Education (WAEC, NECO or GCE) examination as well as internal exam are advised to read ahead without been limited by time schedule.

Lesson 1


The seven core freedoms of the UDHR are those major rights that all members of the United Nations organization must entrench in their constitution and must be benefited by their citizens. The seven core freedoms are freedoms that cannot be taken away from any individual even in emergency situations.


These are the seven core freedoms of the UDHR:

  • The right to life
  • Freedom from torture.
  • Freedom from enslavement and forced labour
  • Right to protection from imprisonment for debt.
  • Freedom from retroactive laws.
  • Right to recognition of persons before the law.
  • Freedom of thought, conscience and religion.


Importance of fundamental Human Rights

  1. It helps in preventing oppressive government and thereby limiting the powers of the rules.
  2. It gives constitutional protection for those rights listed in it.
  3. It enables citizens to seek redress for violation of their tights in the law court.
  4. It encourages orderliness.
  5. Peace and harmony exist in a society where people enjoy their rights.
  6. The constitution is a reference point for the citizens to claim and enjoy their rights.
  7. It encourages us to defend and fight for what is right or proper.
  8. It accelerates development.
  9. It helps citizens to have the knowledge of his/her rights


  • Explain the seven core freedoms of UDHR.
  • State four importance of human rights.
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You can now Download Full Lesson Note to your device and access it anytime.

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