Great! I’m glad you are reading this. Many people have been subscribing to Fatherprada, now it is time to offer something back. Chances are you are either a teacher or a student. Nevertheless, do you know you can earn 50% of the subscription fee of each person you invite to

Yes, you can. The time spent chatting on social media can also be used to make money by inviting your peers to subscribe to a lesson note.

What is a Subscription Fee?

The subscription fee is the amount payable by you or anyone else who subscribes to a lesson note on for a duration of time.

The subscription fee differs.

The good part.
You automatically become an affiliate when you subscribe to any subject available. This means you can invite others through your affiliate links and earn money. For each person you invite, (when they subscribe to single or multiple subjects), you will be rewarded 50% of their subscription fee or multiple by the number of subscriptions

Imagine how much you can earn if you can invite 100 people in a month.

When you subscribe to a lesson note, for example, Civic Education, you will be given have access to an affiliate link.

If you invite Mr A and he subscribes to 3 subjects (each subscription cost ₦1000)

500 x 3 = ₦1500.

If Mr A subscribes to a subject whose subscription fee is ₦2000, this means your earning is ₦1000 (50%)

Even though, you only subscribe to one subject, if the person you invited subscribe to multiple subjects or other subscription offers, you will get rewarded.

Note: Irrespective of your subscription, you can invite share your link and get paid when someone subscribes to anything on Fatherprada

Subscriptions end after one month. If the person you had invited, renew their subscription after it expires, you will be paid again and again. You will only stop earning when your invitee no longer renews or when you’re no longer actively inviting people or your subscription expires

What if I don’t invite people?
Sorry, you cannot earn money. The purpose of the affiliate is to get more people to use Fatherprada. You earn a commission when the person you invite subscribes.

To see your affiliate link and how much you have earned, visit your dashboard.

Withdraw money.
I know some people will go the extra length to invite people so I won’t wait until month end to pay you your affiliate earnings. Once you have earned up to ₦3,000 or more, you can send a withdrawal request via your profile page. You will be paid within 24hrs except on Saturdays and Sundays.

Please do not send withdrawal requests if you have not earned up to ₦2,000. Else, your affiliate account will be deleted.