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Someone once said that it is more important to know how to pray than to have a degree from the university. There are many things that are important in this life. A good education is important. Money is important. A good marriage is important. But, a good prayer life is most important!

Prayer is an investment into your children’s future. If you pray for them now, you will rejoice with them tomorrow. To help get you started therefore, we have put together these prayer points for children for quick guide and reference as you pray for your children.

Go through these prayer points for children, pray them in faith as often and trust God to see your children turn out in the way of your prayer. If you pray for them now, you will rejoice with them tomorrow.

Prayer points for my children with scriptures

Gen. 4:8 – Oh Lord! Remove bitter rivalry and bloodshed from my children. Proclaim genuine love among my children in Jesus’s name.

Gen. 37:4 – Oh Lord, remove hatred from among my children in Jesus’s name.

Isaiah 8:18 – Father, I pray that my children will impact the world for you. They will be for signs and for wonders in their time and generation, in the name of Jesus.

Jud. 11:35 – Oh Lord, don’t let any of my children trouble me in Jesus’s name.

Isaiah 54:13 – Lord, I pray that all my children shall be taught of you. They shall know you in truth and in reality. I ask that your precious Holy Spirit will continue to instruct them in righteousness through your word, in Jesus name. Give them a heart to know you as Lord, in Jesus name.

2 Sam. 12:10 – Oh Lord! Every curse of hatred and blood-shedding in my family is washed by the blood of the Lamb in Jesus’s name.

Jeremiah 29:11 – Lord, I pray for a glorious future for my children. I declare that they will find purpose and meaning in life. I pray they that they will fulfill destiny and divine purpose in their lifetime, in Jesus name.

1 Kings 18:37 – Oh Lord, turn the hearts of my children to you fully from today in Jesus’s name.

2 Kings 8:19 – Oh Lord, for my faithfulness sake, keep all my children safe in Jesus’s name.

1 Chro. 28:9 – Oh Lord, give my children a loyal heart, a willing mind and give them the grace to serve you all the days of their lives in Jesus’s name.

Joshua 1:6 – Father, I pray for strength, courage and boldness for my children so they may take a hold of life, stand up for your purpose and do your will, in Jesus name. I come against the spirit and power of fear in their lives; I command fear to leave them for good now, in Jesus name.

2 Chro. 29:11 – Oh Lord, make my children stand before you, serve you and that they should minister to you in Jesus’s name.

2 Chro. 34:27 – Oh Lord, make the heart of my children tender at the hearing of your words wherever they are in Jesus’s name.

Psalm 17:15 – Oh Lord! I seek your face as the child seeks the face of the parents. Have mercy on my children in Jesus’s name.

Prov. 4:1 – Oh Lord, give my children the understanding to live good lives in Jesus’s name.

Prov. 5:7 – Oh Lord, don’t let my children depart from the teaching we have taught them in Jesus’s name.

Prov. 8:32 – Oh Lord, give my children the grace to keep your word so that they will be blessed throughout the days of their lives in Jesus’s name.

3 John 1:4 – Oh Lord, let the way of life of my children bring great joy to my heart in Jesus’s name.

Daniel 1:17 – Father, I pray that you grace my children with spiritual gifts; skills, knowledge and understanding that they may be 10 times better than their contemporaries, in Jesus name.

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