Courses Related to Biology Education

If you have previously taken a preview look at courses under Biology Education and you’re not satisfied then you are right to have come over here for courses related to Biology Education. Though this post is meant for Nigerian, students from other countries can still find the information they are looking for.

This is a competitive Education course. The admission rate for this course is 75% for those who meet at least the cutoff mark in JAMB and score the minimum required POST UTME.


These are the list of courses related to Biology Education

  • Pure and Applied Biology [[…]]
  • Applied Biology and Biotechnology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Cell Biology and Genetics
  • Marine Biology


Just because these courses are all related doesn’t mean you are qualified to study all. You can click here to search for each of these related courses subject combinations and requirements. Remember to also consider the career prospective of reach courses list here. [[..]]

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