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I get a lot of questions on how to get scholarships to study. Some student would not even bother to mention scholarship. All they ask is “I want to study but I don’t have money”.  Anyway, I have no problem with such a question. On this post and I am going to show you HOW to apply for Unicaf scholarship easily. The question I have for you is this, how prepared are you? Do you have a good idea of what Scholarship is all about?
Quickly let me tell you about UNICAF Scholarship Programme because it is one of the most generous scholarships for developing countries available today. Applicants facing financial difficulties are encouraged to apply for UNICAF scholarships, to enable them to study at Unicaf University, paying only a fraction of the cost of tuition fees.
The primary objective of the UNICAF Scholarship Programme is to make education affordable for students from Africa especially for developing countries, enabling them to pursue advanced academic studies and earn internationally recognised qualifications. UNICAF supported programmes have a strong professional and vocational focus with an international perspective, to prepare students for work in the global market place.

Why you should apply for UNICAF Scholarship?

  • The accredited, internationally recognised degrees awarded
  • The high quality of teaching, with regular, one-to-one contact with tutors and the social interaction with fellow students
  • The option to choose one of two flexible delivery models, (exclusively online delivery, or blended learning, which is a combination of online and classroom teaching)
  • The option to pay only a fraction of the tuition fees, through the UNICAF ScholarshipProgramme
  • The option to study at the time and place that is most convenient for each student
  • The option to study at their own pace
  • The option to study without neglecting professional or family commitments
  • They have reliable and helpful student support services
  • The state-of-the-art, user-friendly digital platform

Most often, students get to know about UNICAF scholarships very late and before they know it, the scholarship is closed. Sometimes UNICAF scholarship may still be opened but once the UNICAF University has gotten the number of qualified students that applied for UNICAF scholarship, they will no longer consider other applicants. So it is a must that you are at alert. To be alerted, you must create Google Alert
I am about you to show you apply for Unicaf Scholarship easily – this means, you won’t have to visit and spend hours on the internet Googling for the information you may never find. Some websites with quality scholarship offers may be buried within the 50th pages on Search engine index and who have that patience to search to that extent.
What I am about to show you is the very thing I tell those who seek my counsel on how to study through scholarship. It is very easy to get scholarships at UNICAF. Just follow these simple instructions.
First step
Open your browser and type
You must have a Gmail account to use this alert signup Gmail here
Once the address opened, you will see a page that looks like the first image below. As you can see, I have created 12 alerts.

Step 2
Go ahead and type in the type of  “Unical 2019 scholarship”… As you can see on the image, I typed Scholarship in Canada. That’s not all. Check step 3

Step 3
If you check step 2 image, besides the Create alert button, there is a Show option.
Click on the Show options and you will see a drop like the image below.
I chose Nigeria as my region which simply means I’m living in Nigeria and I want an alert for a Unicaf scholarship in Nigeria. Any scholarship alert I receive in my Gmail will be a scholarship that is meant for Nigerian student. After the setup, click Create alert.

You will start receiving messages as soon as Unical make scholarships available for Nigerian students. You see, very easy. No need for searching and searching the internet.

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Meanwhile, thanks for reading How to get and apply for Unicaf Scholarship easily. If you think this post can be helpful to somebody else, please share it using the buttons below. You can scroll down to see more articles that will interest you.

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