As the Brexit drama continues to unfold in the UK, politicians are facing a ticking timebomb of an
an ageing population, demographic pressures and a staggering lack of willing workers in the health and social care sector.
Parliament are already contemplating measures to ease some of these stresses by rushing in
immigration reforms that would allow health and social care providers to take advantage of skilled
migrants from Commonwealth countries.
Some of the proposals include priority visas for skilled migrants from countries such as India,
Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Kenya and Barbados. Migrants that have qualifications in Health and
Social care or nursing would be able to apply to NHS and other approved industry employers and
take up work in the UK immediately.
beacon education brexit
To allow our learners to take advantage of these changes, Beacon Education Partnership has
developed an online platform that allows international students to study a fully recognized UK
qualification with us.
Our UK Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social Care been delivered to more than 1000 learners in The UK and is now available to anyone from anywhere in the world. Our graduates will be first in line for
a visa when immigration reforms are completed.
UK qualifications carry a large amount of gravitas around the world and thus our graduates are also
able to obtain work in countries such as Canada, New Zealand and Australia. Our qualification is
also worth 48 UCAS points which will allow graduates to apply for a place at one of the UK’s top
universities or colleges and potentially save an entire year of University.
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