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Opay has come to stay! Opay is a financial service that offers payments, transfers, loans, savings, and other essential services for every individual. It was founded in 2018 but took it took a positive leap in 2023 during the new money era; when money was scarce and people had to resort to using online banking for their daily transactions. Many unbanked and underbanked are now using Opay for daily transactions. I do not know how they came to know about it, but I am certain it must have been through word of mouth and referral.

Besides, Opay doesn’t need too much documentation like the usual traditional banks with their many problems. You don’t need to queue to have an account. Less I forget, you are here for Opay Transfer Code (USSD code). Let me show you the code

Opay’s USSD code is *955#. This code can be accessed on any mobile phone, whether it is a smartphone or a small-screen phone. All Opay customers have access to the USSD code and with this code, you can manage your funds within an Opay wallet without an internet connection.

To send money or check the account balance using the Opay USSD code, dial *955# and follow the instructions that appear on their screen. For example, to deposit money into their Opay wallet, users can select the “Deposit” option and enter the amount they want to deposit. They will then be prompted to enter their PIN and confirm the transaction.

  • Opay USSD Code to Transfer to another bank account: *955*2*amount*10 digit account number#
  • Opay USSD Code to Transfer to Opay account: *955*1*amount*10 digit account number#
  • Opay USSD Code for Airtime (Self): *955*3*amount#
  • Opay USSD Code for Airtime (Others) *955*3*amount*mobile number#
  • Opay USSD Code for Data: *955*4*mobile number#
  • Opay USSD Code for Electricity: *955*6#
  • Opay USSD Code to Check balance: *955*0#
  • Opay USSD Code to Get OTP: *955*010#

When I say all Opay customers, that doesn’t mean you can use any mobile number. You can only use the Opay USSD code with your registered mobile number. You can use any phone, but it must be with the registered phone number. Your Opay account number is the same as your mobile number excluding the first numeric number on your phone number.

For example.

  • Phone number is: 07032802222
  • Opay account number will be: 7032802222

There are times when the code will not the available for hours or days, therefore you may need to make use of the Opay app if the transaction is urgent. See how to unhide your phone number

In conclusion, Opay’s USSD code is a valuable tool for users who want to access the platform’s services without a smartphone or internet connection. The code provides a convenient and user-friendly way to access financial services, ride-hailing, food delivery, and more.

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