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This page is for those who are interested in Marine Biology and will like to know the courses or classes they will attend before they can become a Marine Biologist. The simple truth is, there is no easy way you can get comprehensive information on classes needed for Marine Biology because of the lack of a universal curriculum.

Every institution offering Marine Biology have their own curriculum. To know all Marine Biology major classes means you will visit each of these institutions and take a look at their course outlines which is impossible.
What I have listed on this page are Marine Biology courses/classes you may attend and there is no guarantee that all the listed Marine Biology courses will be available in the school you have chosen.

Nevertheless, you may likely attend 80% of Marine Biology major classes listed here. A marine biology program can qualify you for many careers related to research, oceanography and biology, as well as those related to marine resources as viewed from an economic, sociological or information technology perspective.

These are Marine Biology Courses

  1. Aquatic Animal Physiology and Reproduction
  2. Arctic Marine Vertebrate Ecology
  3. Biology and Culture of Aquatic Organisms
  4. Biology of Fishes
  5. Biology of Shellfishes
  6. Climatic Extremes
  7. Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Marine Organisms
  8. Coral Reef Ecosystems
  9. Currents and Tides
  10. Diseases of Aquatic Organisms
  11. Ecological Modeling
  12. Ecology and Conservation of Marine Birds and Mammals
  13. Estuaries
  14. Fisheries Ecology
  15. Fisheries Oceanography
  16. Genetics and Molecular Ecology
  17. Geology and the Ocean  
  18. Hydrothermal Systems: An Interdisciplinary View
  19. Invertebrate Zoology
  20. Life in the Ocean’s Depth
  21. Life in the Polar Oceans
  22. Marine Botany: Diversity and Ecology
  23. Marine Ecological Processes
  24. Marine Ecosystems
  25. Marine Fish
  26. Marine Invertebrate Zoology
  27. Marine Mammalogy
  28. Marine Mammals of the Salish Sea
  29. Marine Pollution
  30. Marine Zoology
  31. Nearshore Ecology Research Experience
  32. Oceans in Jeopardy
  33. Parasite Ecology
  34. Salmonid Behavior and Life History
  35. Special Topics in Biological Oceanography
  36. The Changing Arctic Ocean
  37. The Open Sea
  38. Tropical Marine Biology
  39. Vertebrates

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you the requirement to study Marine Biology because every institution has its own admission requirement for Marine Biology. If there are Marine Biology courses not mentioned please use the comment to let me know about them.

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