40 Marketing Courses (Related Courses and Outlines)

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On this post, I’ll list out Marketing courses and courses related to Marketing which will benefit students who do not wish to study Marketing course itself. I know for certain that there are two category students reading this and I will try to make sure I answer both categories.

As mentioned earlier, some of you are reading this to know courses similar or related Marketing while others want to know Marketing course outlines. That is, Marketing courses (subjects) you will learn at the university.

Firstly, let me address courses that are related to Marketing. Students who study any of the related course below can work with an I.T firm. Remember, Marketing in itself is a course you can study, albeit a good one with competitive job opportunities.

If you study any of these courses related to Marketing as listed below, you set yourself aside from the crowd because unlike Marketing which is encompassing, these courses are focused area within the field of I.T;

  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Business Administration
  • Economics and Development Studies
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Accounting


Marketing Course Outlines

Now, these are Marketing courses you will study or be taught while preparing you to be a Marketing graduate. Normally, a course outline should contain; course name, course description, course hours etc…

I will only list out the course names excluding GST to avoid too much information and there is no guarantee that the listed subjects (courses) here will be fully covered in your school except for Nigeria Universities. Nevertheless, you will study 97% of Marketing courses listed here.


The following are the list of Marketing Courses in the Universities

  • Actuarial Mathematics
  • Analysis for Marketing and Business Decision
  • Business Communication
  • Business Forecasting
  • Business Law
  • Business Statistics
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Element of Banking
  • Element of Government
  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Financial Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Industrial Marketing
  • Intermediate Financial Accounting
  • International Marketing
  • Introduction Psychology
  • Introduction to Business
  • Introduction to Co-operative
  • Introduction to Cost and Management Accounting
  • Introduction to Marketing and Entrepreneurship
  • Introduction to Marketing Communication
  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing Research
  • Marketing System and Ethics
  • Micro-Economic Theory
  • Physical Distribution Management
  • Principles and Practice of Insurance
  • Principles of Accounting
  • Principles of Economics
  • Principles of Management
  • Principles of Marketing
  • Product and Brand Management
  • Production Management
  • Purchasing and Materials Management
  • Retail and Wholesales Management
  • Sales Management
  • Services Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing and Business Policy

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