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How to fix Adsense not showing up on some pages of your blog

Once you get verified by AdSense, you will be given a code for implementation. If AdSense does not show up on certain pages, that is Adsense only comes up on some pages of your blog, then you’re losing money. I know because I was once faced with issues related to Adsense not displaying ads on some of my top pages.  What you’re about to read is based on my experience with AdSense.

I know you are worried and that’s why you are here for a solution. Many bloggers depend on Google AdSense for income and it will be disheartening to see that your pages are not generating revenue. Need I tell you that my blog is not a SEO or tutorial blog. Fatherprada’s blog is primarily focused on education, students and graduates.

But whenever I come across a problem while blogging, I always love to share my experience because it is the right thing to do. For a fact, I decided to share this because while I was facing this issue, I couldn’t find help anywhere. There was little or no known solution for AdSense not showing up on some pages on the internet.

Adsense will not show up on some pages due to the following reasons

  •  AdSense won’t show up on some pages when you switch from HTTP to HTTPS: Google sees this as a site move. Adsense crawler would have to visit your pages again to ascertain what the content is all about and in turn provide relevant ads.
  • Bad themes: Some themes (WordPress) are so badly built that it will be difficult for Google Adsense ads to display AdSense ad units on some of your blog pages. Most often, these themes would display AdSense ads intermittently.
  • Changed post structure: Changing the permalink of your post may stop Adsense ads from showing up on some pages. Google crawler may be under the structure from your sitemap, but Adsense crawler would stop displaying and try to figure out what changes were made to the content before displaying ads.
  • Prohibited content: Adsense will not stop displaying ads when it detects prohibited content.

Quick fixes for Google AdSense not showing up on some pages 

  • Change your theme and see if ads will show up. Else, open that page on different browsers and on a different device.
  • If ads show up, your main browser cache needs to be cleared. If no ads, open the page in incognito mode. If ads show up, clear your browser. If no ads yet, there are six things you can do to resolve Adsense showing up on certain pages.

9 different ways to fix AdSense not showing up on some pages 

  • Submit that page to search engine console, for re-indexing or use fetch as Google. It may have been flagged for improper content, stop words or duplicate content, title or meta description.
  • Add extra long-tail keyword on the page and change the font (default font)… save and view the page again.
  • Add an extra word to the title, modify the meta description, save and check the page again
  • Change the post category of that page not showing Adsense ad units to another one showing ads, save and check again.
  • If you had altered the category of the page before, that is, you switched, merged or changed the post’s category, change it back to the old category save and check again.
  • If you had altered the permalink of the page not showing ads, change it back to the old permalink, save and check again.
  • Edit the content in text mode and try to locate if there is a div content – remove it if you find any. Save and check again.
  • You can create an ads.txt and upload it into your domain root folder
  • Re-submit your website to re-indexing

One of these must solve your AdSense issue. The 1st and 5th options solved my AdSense not showing up on certain pages. Good luck.

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