How to Verified AdSense with a bank statement

If you had requested 3 pins from AdSense and have received none yet, don’t worry yourself. You can verify Adsense with your bank statement. But If after this post you’re still worried, my soul will weep in a secret place for your ignorance.

I know the feeling when you see a notice that Adsense Adverts will be disabled if you do not verify your address. Yeah, its part of  AdSense verification process. If you’re living in a very remote location or where post service is very bad, all you have to do is to exercise patience.

Most African countries like Nigeria and Asian countries like Indian falls a victim of delayed AdSense Pin Verification.
Now, let me clear this misinformation –  What Google requires of you is your Address (any reachable address). Many bloggers loud the use of official Identify card where your photograph is visible. Most bloggers without Identify card are troubled by this requirement.

I verified my AdSense with a PDF file of my bank account statement. I did not scan any document for AdSense  –  The one-page pdf only contains my name, bank account number, debit and credit details and address that tallies with the one on Adsense and within 20 minutes, my AdSense address was verified.

So stop the worry and go print out or download your bank statement for verification. You don’t need a domiciliary account to do that; your local bank account statement will be accepted.

There is a paragraph beneath the page where you generate your last AdSense pin which reads – If you don’t receive your PIN after 4 weeks of this date, please complete this formIf you can see this paragraph then there is hope for you.

Don’t wait 30 days after the last pin request to complete that form. You should visit there regularly. As you can see in the image below, I generated my last pin on March 12 but I did not wait until April 12.

April 2, 2018, I visited and clicked on the form – Voila! the Personal Identification Number (PIN) appeared but before then, each time I click on that form, I’ll be directed to a support page where I answer some helpful automated questions

I edited my AdSense address to march the address on my bank statement, thereafter I uploaded and clicked submit

..and after 20 minutes, I got an email alert from AdSense

AdSense verification without a pin is very easy – you only need the right information. If you don’t have any documents, you should have a bank account statement. You can download your bank account statement online from your bank website. You can also use any official id so long the address therein tallies.

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12 thoughts on “How to verified AdSense without pin using Bank Statement”

  1. I am confused about something, if Adsense requires that you submit a National ID or drivers license but you submit a bank statement, won\’t the account get suspended? I understand for people in Nigeria, you are required to upload a national ID or drivers license. Then if you are unable to get the pin for address verification, you can use a bank statement.
    I am wondering if a bank statement can be used instead of National ID for the first stage

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