Why open a ticket

  • Sometimes, due to high volumes of spammy comments, Fatherprada may miss your question and the issue remains unresolved


  • Ticket option was privately used but now, it is made accessible to every students and graduate. Except a ticket is created in the system, your request may not be handled. No ticket! No Help


  • When you submit a ticket, your questions will be handled with a higher priority than comment and you may have the advantage of starting a direct phone conversation with Fatherprada.


  • You do not need to check your email, you can always access your tickets online. When you submit a ticket, your questions remain private and you have the option to close a ticket after your issues are resolved.


  • Besides, ticket creates a great user experience and none of your questions are made public. You can open many tickets any time any day!


  • Ticket option is opened for serious students only!


Recent Testimony

Admission testimony


  • To open a ticket, you must have at least a Level 1 access
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