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Every human is a student of something or someone.

In our continuous quest to evolve and cater to the diverse needs of students, Fatherprada.com has expanded its horizon. In addition to blogging, we now offer an array of web applications designed to prepare students for exams, assist in academic planning, and provide recreational activities that reward with real benefits.

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Web applications key features

Academic Tools

Our platform features an Online Test Preparation module with simulated exams for comprehensive exam readiness, a Course Finder to help students select courses that align with their career prospect, and a user-friendly GPA Calculator for academic performance tracking.

Study Management

Feature a customizable Study Timetable for crafting efficient learning schedules, a School Timetable to seamlessly prepare a class schedule, and a Result Analysis tool designed to guide students in identifying suitable courses based on their olevel result.

Educational Gaming

Engaging Online Games: Includes Connect 4, Tic Tac Toe, and Magic Square, where students can learn while playing and even earn real money. These games not only provide relaxation but also foster strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.

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Use Cases

Exam Preparation

Student preparing for Olevel exams utilizes our Online TestArea to access simulated exams questions. This practice enhances their readiness and confidence, leading to improved performance.

Navigating Academic Pathways

Student unsure of which university course to pursue uses our Course Finder to identify programs that align with their interests and academic strengths. This clarity helps in making informed decisions

Academic Performance Tracking

After completing their semester, students employ the GPA Calculator to assess their academic standing. This insight allows them to plan strategies for improvement or maintain their success in upcoming semesters.

Study and School Schedule Management

A student creates a Study Timetable to allocate dedicated study hours, ensuring they remain on track with their coursework. Additionally, they use the School Timetable to manage class times and assignment deadlines efficiently.

Strategic Education Planning

Upon receiving their examination results, a student uses the WCISWMR  tool to explore courses and career paths they are eligible for. This guidance supports strategic planning for their educational and career trajectory.

Engaging in Educational Gaming

Students looking for a break from traditional study methods engage in our Educational Games like Connect 4 and Tic Tac Toe. These games offer not only relaxation but also the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, with the bonus of earning real money.