Digital marketing has been around for a while. In the past, it was all about search engine optimization and website development. Never for once has the essence of acquiring these employability digital skills been emphasized on, rather we had a different phase.

Growing up, Academic skills seemed to be the most prioritized skill ever. The cliche trend we’re made accustomed to was; study hard in college, come out in flying colours, work your way into the university to study either your preferred course or your parent’s (lol, that’s a story for another day), bag an outstanding degree, up next is your Masters and before you know it, you’re already working towards getting a Doctorate up to being a professor.

Making it seem like all of the above are the only things it takes to get through with life and attain financial freedom. Nowadays, digital marketing is more than just SEO and web design. Digital Marketing, in [wpdts-year], will be all about acquiring new skills to keep up with trends and innovations in this ever-changing industry.

According to research, it’s been established that highly paid gigs are only found in the digital space compared to what your regular 9-5 jobs can get Highly-demanded skills, Employers are looking out for are your DIGITAL SKILLS.

You might be wondering what digital space is, well I’m glad to inform you that Digital space centers around your regular Youtube, Linkedin, Search Engines, and some other social media platforms you play around with on your devices.

The question here is are you optimizing the digital space to your advantage?

My solemn advice is that you invest in yourself now to prepare you for forthcoming opportunities; by investing your TIME to surf the internet for digital skills that might interest you, take up available free courses; Invest your COMMITMENT by ensuring result-oriented improvements and being skillful in your field. Lastly, invest your MONEY, free courses are never enough, get paid courses to get in-depth knowledge in your field.

Now, what are the basic Digital Marketing Skills you should lay your hands on in this 21st century;

  1. Campaign Management
  2. Client Base Retention
  3. Consumer Behaviour
  4. Content creation and storytelling
  5. Content Management Software
  6. Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
  7. Creative & Analytical Abilities
  8. Data analysis
  9. Data visualization
  10. Data-driven marketing
  11. Design Skills
  12. Email Marketing & Newsletters
  13. Excel Proficiency
  14. Go-to-Market Strategy
  15. Google Adwords & PPC
  16. Influencer Marketing
  17. Information Architecture
  18. Internet of Things
  19. Market Analysis
  20. Marketing Automation
  21. Negotiation
  22. Omnichannel communication
  23. Outsourcing
  24. Photography
  25. PowerPoint Design
  26. Sales Channels
  27. Search engine optimization (SEO)
  28. Social Media Integration
  29. Social Media Marketing
  30. Social Paid Advertising
  31. Strategic thinking
  32. Top-Notch Personal Brand
  33. UX (user experience) and CX (customer experience)
  34. Video Production
  35. Website Design
  36. Website Management
  37. Writing & Editing

The good news is that the Digital Space is unique to both Old and young. You’re never too young to start acquiring a Digital Marketing skill nor are you overaged for self-improvement.

Now that you’ve been informed, what do you intend in doing differently? Are you one of those that give excuses for being mediocre?

Your goals should be your motivation, Digital skills are the only skills that would land you high paid Remote and onsite jobs, home and abroad.

For your attention, With lucrative digital Marketing skills and online business having huge significance in this era, Digital skills and online businesses offer a gateway to higher pay,  I will be sharing with you a few lucrative digital skills and businesses that pay well.

Web developer makes anywhere between $78,000 according to indeed and $88,000 according to glassdoor a year with an easy way to a more senior position.

According to payscale, an entry-level content marketer with less than 1 year of experience can expect to earn an average total compensation which may include bonus and overtime pay of $42,000 based on 15 salaries, amid –career content marketer with 5 to 9 years of experience can earn $50, 938. So the more years of experience the more increase in income.

I could go on and on about why you should lay your hands on a Digital Marketing skill in this era, but it all balls down to what your financial goals are; either as a student still in college, as an undergraduate, or as a recent graduate looking to be employed or that wants to start a business in tech?

The digital marketing industry is constantly changing, making it difficult for marketers to keep up. But, in a nutshell, the digital marketing trends that will dominate in [wpdts-year] are social listening skills, AI-powered digital assistants, deep linking strategies and video marketing tactics. So, ready to build your skillset? If Yes

What do you want to do differently???

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