On this page, I will show you Windows, Android and IOS apps that can read textbooks to you. This textbook readers transcend the traditional way of a reading textbook where you will have a fixed gaze on what you are reading and with little chance to engage in other activities without distraction.

There are so many reasons why some people choose apps that read textbooks to them than to read it themselves;

  1. One of the most notable benefits of apps that can read textbooks to you is that you can save a good amount of time by multitasking. You can continue listening to your app if the other tasks do not require much of your attention.
  2. Apps that can read textbooks to you improve your reading and speaking accuracy and fluency. While the narrator(s) narrates the book, you can notice and learn the way he/she is pronouncing different words.
  3. While listening to the apps, a lot of information is being processed in our brains simultaneously. It opens up many different perspectives for your brain to comprehend.
  4. Apps that can read textbooks are a blessing for people with visual impairments and other reading disorders such as dyslexia, hyperlexia, etc. In recent years, this app has contributed immensely to literacy development among differently-abled individuals.
  5. Just like reading books, using these apps listening to textbooks can also reduce stress and calm our minds. Many people listen to soothing audiobooks before going to bed. This helps them fall asleep and also improve sleep quality. Which again is a huge factor for improving and maintaining our mental health.

Windows app that read textbooks to you


Founded in Vancouver, BC, Canada, NaturalSoft Ltd. is a technology company that aims to deliver superior speech solutions for software, web, and mobile applications. NaturalReader is a downloadable text-to-speech desktop software for personal use. This easy-to-use app with natural-sounding voices can that can read textbooks to you including Microsoft Word files, webpages, PDF files, and E-mails.

Users can also upload files from a computer to have them read aloud or can convert the document’s audio into an mp3 file for storage and later use. The site offers both free and upgraded versions of the reader, as well as a Chrome extension that can be used to directly read a webpage aloud and licenses for educational and commercial use.



Designed to help with the accessibility of web pages and other materials, Browse Aloud is a resource that anyone who publishes online should be aware of and know how to use. While it does require a license after a free 90-day trial, Browse Aloud offers many features, such as translation and image description, to make web pages more accessible.

In addition to allowing users to have text read to them, this app also provides the ability to convert content to an mp3 file, allow users to view a simplified version of the webpage, and allows for masking parts of the page to allow the reader to focus on one section


Voice Dream

A suite of apps that also includes writing and scanning tools, Voice Dream is an app that reads to you in the voice of your choice and from a variety of document types. Specifically formatted to help support readers with learning differences, the app offers a choice of voices and works in 30 different languages (additional voices are available for purchase in-app).

The app reads to you by highlighting text in sync with the voice the reader has chosen and can be used with web pages as well as documents that are uploaded by the user. The text is shown in a simplified, distraction-free display that helps the reader follow along with the words being spoken. A great choice for tablets, smartphone users, and educational settings.



Speechify claims that it can “turn any text into an audiobook” in order to increase the reader’s understanding, retention, and productivity. This app reads to you by generating human-like voices through AI technology and allows the user to upload documents, including from scans or Google Drive. Since Speechify can sync across devices and allows plenty of options for uploading content, it can be a great tool for anyone who needs reading support in the classroom or the workplace.

Android apps that read textbooks to you

  • Legere Reader
  • AlReaderX – textbook reader (Early Access)
  • KReader – Kindle for PRC, PDF and all formats
  • AlReader Donate 1
  • Reasily – EPUB Reader


IOS apps that read textbooks to you

  • Libby
  • Blinkist
  • FBReader
  • PocketBook Reader

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