Even though creative writing is always challenging, you can follow some practical tips to make it less stressful. Introductory paragraphs are one of the most important parts of any literary piece. It informs readers about its central idea and sets the tonality for the rest of the essay. No wonder many students are unsure what to include in it.

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Simple Things that Can Improve Your Introduction

Compelling question:

Begin your essay by posing a thought-provoking question related to your topic. Then, you will intrigue the readers. They will need to read the whole piece to find out the answer. Note that you need to mention the answer in your piece. Otherwise, your essay will miss a significant part to seem consistent to the audience.

Intriguing facts or statistics:

Begin with an interesting fact or a surprising statistic related to your essay’s topic. You will grab the readers’ attention and make them curious. The critical point is that the information you include should be up-to-date and accurate.

Use a relevant anecdote or story :

The keyword here is “relevant.” When you share a brief personal or historical anecdote, it should correlate with the topic of your piece. Then, you can make the readers emotionally invested in your essay.


Offer a concise overview of the topic, highlighting its significance or historical relevance. The readers will be unable to appreciate the arguments in the body paragraphs without some background information on the subject matter.

Controversial statement:

A controversial statement that challenges conventional wisdom or sparks debate will help you grab the audience’s attention. Again, choose a relevant claim to highlight the significance of the discussed issue.


If you wish to make your essay more credible, include a relevant quote from a well-known person or an expert. You can also consider adding a quote from a book, poem, play, etc. Remember that even though you rely on someone else’s expertise, you still need to include a unique perspective on the topic that reflects your point of view.

Vivid Description:

Try to create a strong visual image for your readers. Paint a vivid picture or describe a scenario related to your essay’s theme. Use adjectives and verbs that make it easy for readers to imagine what you describe. Engage their senses to make your piece as appealing as possible.

Rhetorical question:

Consider a question inviting readers to look at the discussed topic from an unexpected perspective. Including it in your introduction will encourage readers to explore your arguments further.

Concise thesis statement:

Remember that your thesis statement should be short and clear. Don’t include excessive information there. You will be able to express your viewpoint in the body paragraphs.

Things that Can Spoil Your Introduction

Being vague or overly general :

You can make your essay appear uninteresting if your introduction is too vague and unspecific. Your goal is to communicate the main idea of the piece to the audience as clearly as possible.

Including too much irrelevant information:

Excessive background information or details that are not directly related to the topic can and will spoil the impression of your essay.

Lengthy introduction:

Even though it is the first thing the readers see, your introduction should not be too long. Too much information can cause the reader to lose interest before reaching the essay’s main body.

Unclear thesis statement:

A clear and specific thesis statement that conveys the central argument or purpose of the essay is an essential part of your introduction. Avoid presenting a weak thesis that makes it challenging for readers to understand the message.

Irrelevant hooks:

You may start with an attention-grabbing hook or anecdote but fail to establish a clear connection to the essay’s main idea. Ensuring that the introduction is directly relevant to the subject is crucial.

Failure to engage the reader:

An appealing introduction should capture the readers’ interest and encourage them to continue reading. Don’t overlook the importance of engaging the reader from the very beginning.

Clichés or overused phrases:

You may unintentionally rely on clichés or commonly used phrases in your introduction. Unfortunately, doing so makes the writing appear unoriginal or uninspired. Try to strive for fresh and non-trivial vocabulary.

Dictionary definition:

While definitions can be helpful, beginning an introduction with a dictionary definition can be uninspiring and lack creativity. Choose one of the hooks mentioned above to avoid making this mistake.

Absence of revision:

Reread the introductory paragraph once again after you finish writing the rest of your essay. You might want to change some points. Moreover, some find it helpful to write an introduction after finishing the body paragraphs.

Now that you know everything about writing an introduction, you definitely can create something outstanding.

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