Le Moyne College majors and acceptance rate

Located in the Northwest region of the United States, Le Moyne College is a Jesuit school in Syracuse. The first co-ed Jesuit college in the United States, Le Moyne offers degrees in over 30 fields of study. For students interested in the performing arts, Le Moyne is home to the Coyne Center for the Performing Arts which houses a black box theater, carpenter’s shop, and dance studio. As a Jesuit institution, Le Moyne celebrates mass six days per week at two campus chapels.



Is Le Moyne College hard to get into?

The acceptance rate at Le Moyne College is 75%. For every 100 applicants, 75 are admitted. This means the school is not selective; not hard to get into. The selection process for students is based on outstanding academic achievement, innovation, and curiosity.



Is Le Moyne College a good school?

Le Moyne College is a good school that emphasizes the education of the whole person and the search for meaning and value as integral parts of intellectual life. Le Moyne College seeks to prepare its members for leadership and service in their personal and professional lives to promote a more just society.



What is Le Moyne College known for?

Le Moyne College is known for being the first to open as a coeducational institution amongst the 27 Jesuit colleges and universities



Is Le Moyne College a party school?

No, Le Moyne College is not a party school.



What major is Le Moyne College known for?

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