Asides from the hectic days and stress, there are days when you just want to stay indoors. It could be on holidays, vacations, or leaves, or times when circumstances keep you in the house. Whatever the time or season, having a good time at home while resting is paramount.

Being bored at home is a possibility, especially if you are used to staying outdoors. It could be tiring, however, there are things you can engage in to spice up your day and make it enjoyable. From playing board games to binge-watching that tv show, a lot of activities can be done indoors to make your day worth it.

Fun and productivity can work hand in hand. Instead of lying in bed and sulking all day, you can take the time to catch up on some activities you used to love. Those activities that were neglected due to your busy schedule can be revisited and worked on again.

In a situation where you are just home for the weekend, your hobbies can keep you company. Fun time with family is also needed to strengthen the bond and these indoor activities will do just that. Learning, fun, laughter, play, and jokes are guaranteed with these indoor activities. These indoor activities can be done with kids too and family.

100 Best Indoor Activities At Home

  1. Read a book
  2. Watch a movie
  3. Do a puzzle
  4. Play board games
  5. Cook a new recipe
  6. Bake something
  7. Learn a new language
  8. Practice a musical instrument
  9. Draw or paint
  10. Write a story or a poem
  11. Listen to a podcast
  12. Start a journal
  13. Organize your closet or room
  14. Do a DIY project
  15. Take an online course
  16. Meditate or do yoga
  17. Play video games
  18. Call or video chat with friends or family
  19. Create a vision board
  20. Start a blog or a vlog
  21. Build a fort
  22. Make homemade ice cream
  23. Try a new hobby, like knitting or sewing
  24. Do a home workout or yoga routine
  25. Have a spa day at home
  26. Have a game night with friends or family
  27. Play charades or Pictionary
  28. Watch a documentary
  29. Learn a new skill, like coding or graphic design
  30. Play a card game
  31. Write a letter to a friend or family member
  32. Make a photo album or scrapbook
  33. Create a playlist or listen to music
  34. Learn how to make cocktails
  35. Do some online shopping or window shopping
  36. Rearrange your furniture
  37. Have a dance party at home
  38. Play a musical instrument or sing karaoke
  39. Learn how to do origami
  40. Watch a cooking show or tutorial
  41. Make a vision board or dream board
  42. Have a picnic inside
  43. Watch a TED Talk or a motivational speaker
  44. Do a virtual tour of a museum or art gallery
  45. Learn how to do calligraphy
  46. Try a new hairstyle or makeup look
  47. Build a card castle or tower
  48. Write a short story or a novel
  49. Create a board game or a card game
  50. Plan your next vacation or trip.
  51. Play hide-and-seek
  52. Have a scavenger hunt
  53. Play dress-up
  54. Build a fort with pillows and blankets
  55. Have a tea party
  56. Do a craft project
  57. Play with Play-Doh
  58. Make slime or putty
  59. Build with Lego or blocks
  60. Draw or color with crayons or markers
  61. Read a storybook
  62. Make a family photo album
  63. Play a memory game
  64. Play a matching game
  65. Make a homemade instrument
  66. Sing and dance to children’s songs
  67. Do a sensory activity
  68. Play with puppets
  69. Make a homemade pizza or tacos
  70. Bake cookies or cupcakes
  71. Make a smoothie or a milkshake
  72. Make a fruit salad or vegetable dip
  73. Have a mocktail party
  74. Learn how to make popcorn or kettle corn
  75. Have a movie marathon with favorite children’s films
  76. Play with bubbles or a bubble machine
  77. Make a bird feeder and watch birds outside
  78. Plant seeds or start a small indoor herb garden
  79. Learn how to make a paper airplane or boat
  80. Play a board game or a card game for kids
  81. Build with magnetic tiles or blocks
  82. Make a snowman or snowflake craft
  83. Make a homemade snow globe
  84. Play with kinetic sand
  85. Do a science experiment
  86. Make a volcano or lava lamp
  87. Start an indoor flower garden
  88. Make a friendship bracelet
  89. Indoor obstacle course
  90. Play pretend
  91. Cleanout a closet
  92. Do the laundry
  93. Binge-watch a series or documentary
  94. Start a tik-tok account
  95. Make calls with family and friends
  96. Watch a comedy show
  97. Catch your favorite sport game
  98. Learn a new dance
  99. Learn a new song
  100. Go through your photo albums

These activities will keep you engaged and make your indoor time worthwhile. Fun, productivity, and family time are all covered in this compiled list of indoor activities at home.

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