Having been a student counselor for over a decade, I’ve been privileged to meet and counsel students at all levels. This page “Most Useless Degree In the World” is particularly dedicated to those who are seeking admission into a higher institution and who may or may not have decided on what to study.

There are many reasons why people go to university or college. Some of the most common reasons include; getting a good job. A degree is a prerequisite for access to almost two-thirds of the job market; learning new skills as higher institutions are no doubt a great place to learn new skills and knowledge. This can be valuable for your career and personal development.

Unfortunately, many students do not consider these common reasons before making a choice. While there are other good reasons, the aforementioned have a better ROI. You’re simply more marketable with a useful degree.

Nobody goes to college for the fun of it but when I see students studying any of these useless degrees, I usually feel they do not know what they are doing. Why? because college can be expensive, and the cost of tuition has been rising in recent years. In addition, college can be a lot of work, and it can be challenging to balance your studies with your social life and exam stress which often can lead to anxiety and depression. See: Top Most Useful Degrees

I want to emphasize here before proceeding to list these useless degrees that the usefulness or “uselessness” of a degree is subjective. That a degree does not lead directly to a job in the field of study does not mean that it’s useless. Many of these degrees can develop skills that are transferrable to other fields, such as critical thinking, research, communication, and problem-solving skills.

The focus of this page is to list useless degrees with little or no ROI. It is a general belief that any course that does not lead to a paying job is useless. Others might say that any course that does not help you develop your personal or professional skills is useless. Still, others might say that any course that does not make you a better person is useless.

Ultimately, whether a course is useless or not is a matter of opinion. However, there are some courses that are generally considered to be less marketable or less practical than others. For example:

  • Courses in the humanities, such as art history, philosophy, and literature.
  • Courses in the social sciences, such as sociology, political science, and Anthropology
  • Courses in the arts, such as music, dance, and theater.

See: Top Most Useful Degrees

Here is the most useless degree:

Instead of explaining why each of these degrees is useless, I have summarized the reasons in 4 points.

Lack of job opportunities: There are simply not many jobs available in Nigeria for people with degrees in these fields. This is because the Nigerian economy is not as developed as some other countries, and there is not as much demand for these skills.

Low pay: Even if there are some jobs available for people with these degrees, the pay is often very low. This is because the demand for these skills is not high enough to support high salaries.

Competition: There is a lot of competition for the few jobs that are available in these fields. This is because many people in Nigeria are interested in studying these subjects, even though there are not many jobs available.

Unclear career path: It can be difficult to know what you can do with a degree in one of these fields. There is no clear career path, and it can be difficult to find a job that is a good fit for your skills and interests.

  1. Classical Studies
  2. Philosophy
  3. Music
  4. Fine and Applied Art
  5. Anthropology
  6. Tourism Studies
  7. Library Science
  8. Media Studies
  9. Religious Studies
  10. Film Studies
  11. Creative Writing
  12. Sociology
  13. Archaeology
  14. Political Science
  15. History*.*
  16. Population Studies
  17. Fashion Design
  18. Hospitality & Tourism Management
  19. Psychology
  20. Gender Studies
  21. Photography

See: Top Most Useful Degrees

Again, this list is not definitive, and the value of these degrees can vary greatly depending on the individual and their career goals. Furthermore, these degrees can still provide value in terms of personal growth and broadening one’s perspective, even if they don’t directly lead to a job.

It is worthwhile to note that higher institution has the unique ability to offer space and time for you to examine your worldviews and explore different perspectives, so you can better uncover who you are and what you want to do with your life. Thus, no course is completely useless.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to take a course is a personal one. You need to weigh the pros and cons of the course and decide whether it is right for you. If you are interested in a course, even if it is not considered to be very useless, I encourage you to take it. You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it and how much you learn. See: Top Most Useful Degrees

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