Kwasu cut off mark for Business Administration

Last updated on May 31, 2021

Business Administration is a course that anyone could study irrespective of their department in secondary. From this, one can deduct why Business Administration is one of the most popular courses and very competitive in Nigeria universities and Polytechnics.

After much research, I got to know that Business Administration is one of the most sorts after course in KWASU and every year, there are a lot of search concerning KWASU cut-off mark for Business Administration. I would have loved to write more about Business Administration on this page but it will be unprofessional since I have already written about it here is details.

KWASU cut off mark for Business Administration varies year to year and it depends on so many factors which the senate of Kwara State University have put in place to make sure they are admitting the needed quota per year and best student for the course.

In 2019 admission, the cut off mark for KWASU business administration was 220 and above… It may change later and it may not but the most important thing is for you to prepare very well and do not use the cut-off mark as a base for you to study (if you are about to write JAMB.)

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